Destiny Window

Unfortunately, I have missed the Destiny 2 beta window. Technically, I could still have picked the game up midweek and tried to squeeze in a few hours, but the GreenManGaming sale price went from -18% off MSRP to -10% by the time I remembered to check. That’s technically only about a $5 difference, but… Consumer Surplus, people. Fight for it.

The other complication is that I could technically purchase the game outright via the money I earned via selling WoW Tokens. It’s funny money, but I’m still averse to paying full price for anything. I would still plan on purchasing the next WoW expansion and a month or two to play it, and that is unlikely to go on a similar deep sale ahead of time. We’ll see.

All that aside, I do plan on picking up Destiny 2 on or around release. I have never played any of the original game or expansions, primarily due to not having the requisite console. I couldn’t even really tell you anything in particular about the game that caught my eye either.

If Destiny 2 is anything similar to Borderlands 2 though – which I believe it to be – then I will be satisfied with a outlet in which to shoot things in the face and collect its loot. Overwatch was supposed to be that outlet, but… not anymore.

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  1. I have no idea if the full game will be anything like borderlands but the beta certenly was not. But I don’t know if the beta represents the full game or if it was just designed around a menu to pick from 3 different scenarios to play because the game it self to fet between it all was unfinished.

    Put simply. the beta was,, playing through a introduction to the story while at some cases appear in areas shared by other players, so you could see some other players at the same section fighting the enemies alongside you, this only happen once ever during the intro tho, for me at least, it moved on as a single player game again.

    There were no specia lloot or anything from enemies, except for some ammo refills.

    After intro was done I appeared at a menu where you got to pick from 3 different “instances” only one was a 3man PvE the others were PvP.

    Played through the PvE one, two other random players spawned on my team as we were progressing through a level, killing monsters, no loot just a few bits of ammo. along the way some one must have left and automatically got replaced, I hardly noticed.
    No one ever said a word.
    It felt very similar to WoW 5-man dungeons after the dungeon finder, except it felt even less social.
    Eventualy we arrived at a rather challenging boss that we killed at 2nd atempt and got presented with a score screen of howm uch damage we did individualy etc and all left and never saw each other again. thats when I turned off the beta after 1 hour of play and guess I had seen enough. No need to start it again.


  2. Yeah, I played the beta (I pre-ordered Destiny 2 because I had so much spare WoW gold to convert that my balance hit the cap, so I started spending like a drunken sailor).

    “shoot things in the face and collect its loot”? Nah. There were about three different types of enemies to shoot in the face (plus some “named” versions of them), but the loot was ammo boxes. Quake 2 had more loot than the Destiny 2 beta – no idea how the finished game will pan out.


  3. With console releases at hand, we’re surely find out a lot more in short order.

    The PC beta itself felt to me like a very poor introduction. It offered a little bit of a feel for how the game plays, but gave next to no instruction (a “super charged” message led me to dig around in key mappings in order to find out how to even activate it) and little variety. It didn’t show off any of the open world zones. Somehow, it managed to be neither a tutorial nor a showing off of what are probably some of the more appealing aspects of the game (that I’m fairly certain are there).

    Very strange. I hope they got some good usage data out of it, because it didn’t seem to serve very well as “put your best foot forward” advertising to potential buyers.


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