Quick Update: BlizzCon

In this interview, the last question was:

Q: Will the team address faction imbalance on realms?
A: The new WPVP system will solve a lot of these issues as sharding technology will place you into shards with others who have opted into WPVP.

So there you have it. World PvP in WoW’s next expansion won’t quite be as dead as suspected, although the lines between what constitutes “world” is becoming quite blurry. It will also be quite interesting to see what becomes of gankers when they are suddenly thrown into the same waters as other gankers.

Nevertheless, I can still see a carrot existing for the otherwise carebear player. Presumably, these “PvP shards” will be less populated, which might make finding and claiming those rare spawns just a bit easier. Or, you know, even scaring/killing off the competition.

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  1. Heck, I pretty much hate PvP but even I would flag up on occasion just to mess around knowing that I could go back to safe PvE when I wanted. Getting ganked just isn’t a problem when you don’t have to experience it if you don’t want to.


  2. I think pumping up the spawn rate for rare mobs would be a perfect carrot to lure sheep into flagging for PvP.


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