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I have unlocked Legion flying.

The process was not nearly as painful as I was anticipating, primarily because the reputation requirement was only Revered, instead of Exalted. Well, that, and the fact that I had already unlocked Pathfinder Part 1 before I stopped playing last time, in addition to doing some of the beginning quests at the Broken Shore. In any case, flying is as majestic and freeing and worthwhile as it has ever been. Although it annoys me greatly that Blizzard will continue dangling it in front of us, that simply confirms the notion that it is a carrot worth pursuing every time.

Unlocking the Alliance Allied Races was a secondary goal that I may well abandon entirely. The requirement is Exalted with two factions introduced in Argus, and completing all the quests sticks you at the beginning of Honored. While the reputation is a bit easier to grind out nowadays – most World Quests give you both factions’ rep, and at 75 a pop – that is still… an inordinate amount of grinding. Blizzard is apparently sticking to their guns in terms of still requiring Exalted into BFA, which is just further mind-boggling, considering you then still have to level up new characters from level 20. I suppose Blizzard considers this a sort of cosmetic Thing To Do, but it’s bizarre to me that they’d go through the trouble of creating entirely new skins and racial abilities and heritage armor, and then leave it in soon-to-be-dead content with an expansion around the corner.

I mean, it’s one thing to leave in the WoD grind to unlock flying, as that just impacts WoD. But imagine if new players had to grind Cataclysm reputation to unlock flying in the vanilla zones. Six expansions from now, there will likely still be Void Elves running around, provided that anyone gets bored enough to spend 6+ weeks grinding rep.

Instead of that, I have been turning my gaze towards some of my alts. As mentioned before, I only have the one max-level character: the druid. For my other alts, I made sure to do the beginning artifact quests, so they are generally level 102. Thus far, I have only touched two since patch 8.0.

The first was the Demon Hunter. I… just don’t know about this class. The whole double-jumping and free-gliding aspect of it make the class extremely fun from a mobility perspective. From a fun perspective though, the button-pushing aspect leaves something to be desired. I guess technically it’s extremely similar to Rogue mechanics – press A to build up resources to press B – but I think the key difference is that all the attacks feels like the same on the Demon Hunter. Stab-Thrust-Spin feels a lot more varied than Spin-Spin-Spin, even if you’re doing comparable damage.

Alternatively, I could just be annoyed how little self-healing Demon Hunters have (at this level?). I was in Stormheim and there was one of those quests where you have to weaken a mob before using an item on them to make them stop fighting. Which is normally fine, whatever. However, the regen mechanic with Demon Hunters is based on the mobs dying and dropping health orbs, which… doesn’t happen when you don’t kill the mobs. Can’t just bandage anymore either, unless you have a Tailor or buy bandages off the AH. And who carries food around these days?

The other class I played for a bit was Rogue, and it’s as fun as it’s ever been. Stealth, blowing mobs up in a few GCDs, re-stealth and go on to the next one. I’ve stuck with Outlaw thus far because I like Grappling Hook and Pistol Shot, but I do miss being able to Shadowstep to the next mob and basically ninja my way around the world.

In the coming days, I want to give the Paladin, Death Knight, and Warlock another go now that War Mode is a thing I can keep turned off. Also, I have never had a Monk past level 20, so that would seem to be a good target for one of my free level 100 boosts. Don’t know what I would use the other one on – perhaps an Allied Race, if I ever unlock one? – but I’m tempted to boost a Horde character either on my current server or another one, just to get access to the Horde storyline.

Provided, of course, that my attention span for WoW holds out.

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  1. I’m sure they will offer a cash shop option to race change into a void elf if you don’t want to grind out the reputation.

    And the way they implemented flying is a major deal breaker for me. I’m perfectly fine with no flying, actually WoW was better without flying. I’m perfectly fine with flying in new-WoW because these days the journey doesn’t matter anymore anyway. There are way to many teleportations and gryphon points and whistles and all that crap. But what I can’t stand is the attitude “you can have flying but only when we allow it to you.” Yeah, sorry, no thanks.

    Either make it a core mechanic of the game and let me fly from day 1 and design the game around the fact that I can fly. Or remove it.


    • In principle, I’m kinda okay with flying needing to be unlocked in new areas. Wrath having a “Cold Weather Flying” restriction made sense, for example – it’s Northrend, and it’s cold. I could also imagine needing to appease some elemental spirits, or disable AA guns, or otherwise defeat some power that would otherwise limit one’s safety in the air before flying. Exploring every corner of the new continent is a bit metagame-y, but okay, I’ll allow it.

      The whole “do all of those things, plus get Exalted with these factions, plus wait patch X.1 for part 2” is where I start to get very annoyed. I don’t think flying trivializes anything that ground mounts, stealth classes, or a pile of other players doesn’t already, so why bother? Make the available content fun to accomplish, and it shouldn’t matter how the player got to it, e.g. fought their way up the mountain vs parachuted in.


      • Yeah, no, I didn’t make sense. We ride dragons and gryphen and helicopters and phoenixes and all that insane stuff. And all these creatures don’t know how to fly just because… it’s cold. Serious? And I really doubt that the majority of Northrend is actually cold. These artificial restrictions have no place in a RPG, in my opinion.

        I would prefer if they would design the quests and the world knowing that you can fly. Where are the Kaliris? The whole flying should be redesigned. It shouldn’t just be the fastest and safest option. it should be the high risk, high reward way of traveling.


      • Ah, but what if it was too cold for you, the character? I can imagine the mount being more difficult or tricky to control in cold weather versus warm.

        I am not particularly a fan of making flying more technically difficult or dangerous, if the only goal is to limit its use. Needing to spam spacebar to flap your wings or time your button presses somehow would be quite jarring compared to the rest of the game where you facetank mobs and tab-target. Adding a bunch of Skettis-esque mobs that stun you off your mount would equally be dumb IMO, even if it were only a temporary “solution” that went away if you unlocked flying “for real” in patch X.1. Danger in WoW and most MMOs is simply annoyance – you lose time and nothing else.


      • > Ah, but what if it was too cold for you, the character?

        You mean like, it’s to cold to sit on a flying dragon? For a Dwarf? And on the other side it’s not to cold to sit on a dragon that walks on the ground, even in your slutmog? And it’s also not to cold in Winterspring, but it’s to cold in Sholazaar Basin? Doesn’t matter how much I try, it feels wrong to me.

        > I can imagine the mount being more difficult or tricky to control in cold weather versus warm.

        Sure, but the majority of Northrend is green. Plus I’m not flying, I’m only sitting on a gryphon… the same kind of gryphen I can sit on perfectly fine if I hop on it at a gryphon point!

        > I am not particularly a fan of making flying more technically difficult or dangerous

        I don’t have a solution ready for that but take a look at vanilla. You either ride somewhere on your ground mount, which requires you to steer it and control it. It’s not difficult but it requires your attention – you’re not browsing reddit while riding, at least not efficently. Or you fly somewhere on a gryphen which is fully automatic. You’re free to tab out or even leave your PC for a short break. These two ways of travel are both useful, both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s a decision.

        Now TBC introduced flying. Flying was either slower then riding (normal) or nearly unachievable expensive (epic flying). I think the 60% flying was fine. it was a third way to travel. Slower then riding but could fly over obstacles. You would only use it to fly over something that’s in the way, then hop back on the ground mount. Plus enemy faction camps and kaliri would shoot you down, which required you to pay attention where you flew.

        Fast forward to today. Everyone has epic flying on every alt because it costs basically the same as a 5 min world quests. But the problem is, epic flying (and normal flying these days) is
        – faster then the ground mount
        – saver then the ground mount, you will never get dismounted on the flying mount
        – less annoying then the ground mount, you will never get dazed on the flying mount

        All you have to do is hop on your flying mount, point in the correct direction, press autorun and tab out for a minute or two. That is incredible stupid! It removes the need for line gryphons. It removes the need for ground mounts. It basically removes the travel component from the world. Why not just introduce a teleport system like GW2?

        I don’t want to play “summer games” by pressing space to flap my wings or something. But I don’t want one way of traveling to be superior in every way.

        > Danger in WoW and most MMOs is simply annoyance – you lose time and nothing else.

        But that’s actually exactly what I want. Playing better/more efficient/cleverer should reward you with being able to do it faster/in less time.


  2. “And who carries food around these days?”

    It would feel quite bizarre not to carry food, honestly. And health potions. And sprint potions. And drums. And repair auto-hammers. And Goblin Glider Kits. And I hear there’s a mobile auction house in the works…

    I’ve given WoW a half-hearted second look, too. If I continue with it, I’m going to have to jump on the demo-warlock bandwagon. Both entertaining and quite strong.


    • I suppose I was spoiled a bit by mostly playing a druid or paladin (whom can self-heal with resources that otherwise don’t matter), or even a warlock or death knight, who have strong self-heals. Hell, I don’t think I have consumed food in WoW for reasons other than getting a buff in like 4+ years.


  3. Don’t use boosts on a monk. They have daily quests at pre-100 level I think, which doubles the amount of XP earned. Or triples? Not sure. The quest may even be repeatable if you die and the buff is gone.


  4. Don’t forget to check your order hall mission board for quests that reward Argussian Reach / Lightforged rep. If you hit the bonus they’re 1k from a single mission.


    • That’s certainly fantastic and I do check whenever I can. However, it’s not particularly consistent and definitely not something future players will be able to rely on to reach Exalted. It’s like 21,000 rep between Revered to Exalted, right? Plus, that would require them to level up (and obtain) their Order Hall guys.


  5. If you want to get those reps to exalted, the way I did it was keep track of world quests on argus. Some of those would give 2 * 250 rep tokens. I did all those quests on all my argus capable characters, and then when the darkmoon fair came around turned them all in with the rep bonus. I also did the emissary if that is up for the extra 1000 rep token (that also gets the darmoon fair bonus). I could easily get 2 to 4 of those 250 rep tokens a day per character. If you have a few characters that makes getting the rep pretty damn fast. If you only have 1 character it’ll take longer but be very low on actual work.


  6. The rep requirement annoys me, especially as its so unfair to the two Alliance races. I had exalted for Suramar already from all the extra content they launched in that zone. Just doing all of Highmountain and a few of the dungeon runs got me Highmountain Tauren. Yet I’m only just getting Revered on Army of Light and not even that with Argussian Reach. To be clear both Alliance races require exalted rep with factions in grindy endgame zones released in the dog-days of the expansion when enthusiam is at its lowest, whereas both Horde races reps were in launch or early zones where the expansion was on a high…


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