Waycrest Manor

I completed my first dungeon in Battle for Azeroth, which was Waycrest Manor.

The first boss was the Queue. The average time to get in was 8 minutes as DPS, and I waited 45 minutes. While I waited, I fished out in the Horde area, as a level 112 Demon Hunter. The only reason I was doing a dungeon at all is because Anchor Weed Rank 2 required running said dungeon. With Anchor Weed currently selling for 550g apiece, it felt worth doing. The fish being 50g-100g apiece was bonus.

Forty-five minutes is a long time though.

Once inside, I was immediately reminded of that one dungeon in GW2, which was also inside a mansion. I was going to look it up just now, but does anyone care what it’s actually called, even if they play GW2? The bottom line is that Waycrest Manor reminded me of that other one because they are both terribly designed. You can’t have an MMO with a floating camera and then do a bunch of interior houses. It’s dumb, players can’t see shit, and you fight the camera more than the mobs.

The dungeon run was successful, but that was either because our healer was god-like or the tuning was low, even by LFD standards. More than once, I accidentally pulled extra groups of mobs trying to utilize Fel Rush, especially since my Azerite Powers boosted it. This included accidentally pulling one of the bosses (Raal). Somehow we muddled through it all – probably because the healer was a Monk – and I got my Anchor Weed book and we defeated the final boss.

My druid is another herbalist, and I’m debating whether or not to try and knock out the quest sooner or later. Respeccing as a tank would certainly help with queue times, but I’m a bit leery of the dungeon in general. And, you know, getting back on the saddle in terms of tanking.

Or I could just farm leather/herb for another 45 minutes while sitting in the queue and not worry about respeccing at all, trying to change Azerite Powers, etc etc. Hmm. Tough choice.

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  1. Small tip: dungeons are best saved until 120. This will allow to gain good gear for a fresh 120, simultaneously do zone/Jaina/professions questlines – making it one queue instead of 2-3 :)


  2. Caudecus’s Manor

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  3. I can’t remember the name of the GW2 mansion/dungeon either but it was my favorite one. Something about having a physical structure with walls all around that gives you the feeling of it occurring in the setting itself really makes a good dungeon experience. Thinking Scarlet Monestary as well. Understood about the camera angles though – those did give one fits in the GW2 comparison. But the setting was so good it made up for the camera difficulty.


  4. Normal dungeons are tuned low, so you can get past them easily. Also, you’re 112, which means that the rating rescale has not yet hit your character. Since the levels are rescaled inside the dungeon, but you keep your stats (and not ratings), you are OP at low-level if you have semi-decent Legion gear.
    At 120 in quest greens the instances are actually harder…..


  5. What Helistar says above. If you wait you’ll have a rougher time as the scaling is a bit dodgy for freshly dinged 120s. This dungeon is good fun, I love the style of it, though the confined spaces make for easy accidental/over pulls as you have experienced. There’s also so much trash in this expansion’s dungeons, it’s a bit of a pain at the moment, I suppose it’ll not be long before people are aoe chain pulling through them. I only play dungeons with friends though so queue times are either “be ready in 5” or “not happening today”.


  6. I like Waycrest Manor, but the weaving up and down the stairs (and the order of accessible bosses changes from run to run) is rather annoying. As is the weird frogger game with rotating orbs in Temple of Sethraliss. (I ended up having to warlock-summon people across those orbs more than once, even in mythics) There are a few oddities in those dungeons that really make me wonder, on each occasion, who thought that was a good idea.

    But hey. We’ve done vanilla BRD, Sunken Temple, Stratholme. This is nothing, right?


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