We All Lift Together

This is technically old news, but Warframe came out with a new expansion of sorts.

Accompanying this expansion is perhaps one of the best game trailers ever made:

While the video is a delight itself, I am mainly referring to the song. Luckily, someone created an hour-long loop version so that I don’t have to keep clicking the Repeat button and/or fend off auto-playing “recommended” videos.

Listening to this on loop got me thinking… what even are the other contenders for best game trailers ever made? I had to go through several Top 10 lists to reacquaint myself with a few of them. My own list includes, in no particular order:

I’m a sucker for orchestra and choir and Inception noises, apparently.

If you need me, I’ll be listening to a trailer song of an expansion to a game I don’t even play.

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  1. The Civ IV trailer still comes to mind for me despite of now outdated graphics.


  2. If your criteria is loose enough to deviate from official game trailers, check out miracleofsound on Youtube. His stuff has lately been on repeat loop for me.

    He has music for Horizon Zero Dawn (Force of Nature), Nier Automata (Machine Hearts), Assassin’s Creed Unity (My Revolution), Deus Ex (Natural Heart and New Black Gold), Borderlands (Breaking Down the Borders), A Wolf Among Us (It’s A Dog’s Life), Overwatch (Get the Gang Back) and more besides.

    They’re way better than official game trailers and serve the same purpose of getting one inspired to try out the game, along with having the video on repeat loop forever.


  3. Every Death Stranding trailer, obviously. The game cannot possibly live up to all the trailer hype.

    Technically an intro, not a trailer, but the Civ: Beyond Earth cinematic – the impoverished-looking father relinquishing his daughter to a better future in the stars, the Orthodox patriarch blessing the spacecraft, the Americans cheering and shaking hands – had managed to hit me, in the parlance of our times, in the feels.

    Beyond that, vanilla SW:TOR had some good ones, with both Deceived and Return containing well-made slices of Star Wars action. The Total War series – the snarling Napoleon and the Roman senators refusing to countenance the possibility of Hannibal’s Alpine deception were pretty good.

    Oh, and the two Pixar-style intro trailers for Wildstar (may it rest in peace) for the Exiles and Empire had a lot of charm.


  4. I love EVE Universe: Origins

    While it doesn’t have impressive music, it has a strong emotional effect for me due to the space exploration theme.

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    • If you like that one, wait till you watch this:

      Still gives me the chills every time, and this what I show everyone remotely interested in the game. Because, sure, it doens’t look like that when you play (well, it does, but you’re too far zoomed out to see it), but this really is EVE. Sometimes, anyway. :-)

      Regarding the Warframe trailer – it’s nice, I’m not sure I’d listen to it all day long though. ;-)


  5. ArenaNet’s GW2 trailers are generally lacklustre but the one for A Bug In The System was so good I ended up doing a whole blog post about it. I just watched it again and it still literally sends shivers down my spine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfhgtA_JAK0

    I also always liked the original DCUO trailers. I pre-ordered on the basis of this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WYwXer0sgU

    The voice acting is dreadful, though.


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