Missing Anything from the Other Side?

One of the little WoW goals I had been thinking about doing was leveling a character on the other faction. The last time I had characters on multiple factions in any serious way was back in Wrath. At the time, I do vaguely recall there being some worthwhile differences in questing and general lore. For example, I remember it being a cool experience bringing the Taunka into the Horde fold and seeing that process. Also, I think there was something way different with Horde Death Knights compared to the Alliance experience.

Having said that, I don’t want to go too crazy here. My Horde toon would be completely divorced from my Alliance gold/material stockpile and otherwise have to rough it through life. I have done the beginning experiences of WoD and Mists on Horde but nothing further than maybe two dozen quests.

So… think there’s something worth seeing on the other side? I’m sure 90% of it is the same crap regardless, but if I’m going to do something silly like unlock Vulperas or something, I may as well check out a new (to me) zone along the way.

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  1. Playing a vulpera is worth abandoning all your alliance characters for… although that may just be me. Okay, it’s just me.


    • It was your (mis?)adventures in unlocking the Vulpera that started me thinking about making it a goal. Well, plus there is never a better time for change than around an expansion release.


  2. Have you done Battle for Azeroth on both sides? They’re completely different, 3 Alliance Zones and 3 Horde zones. If you only do one faction, you’ve probably missed 40% of the BfA questing content.


    • I have barely done any of the Alliance BFA stuff. I only became Revered with a few factions yesterday, in fact. There is a lot of “content” out there, but I was well aware how disjointed it has been for Alliance in terms of the first raiding tier. Everything else I basically learned from memes.


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