Magic Legends: Dumpstered

About three months ago, I played Magic: Legends, and walked away with this impression:

At the same time, it feels like a colossal disaster in progress. Pushing buttons isn’t fun, the loot isn’t fun, and the monetization strategy isn’t fun. How much can realistically change in Open beta? If the answer isn’t “the whole damn thing” then Cryptic is in trouble.

Well, Cryptic eventually came to the same conclusion and is shutting down the game in October. Which is the correct move, although highly embarrassing. How many times has a game gotten all the way to Open Beta and then just shut down?

Our vision for Magic: Legends missed the mark, but we are proud of what we achieved. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we got to bring the expansive Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to a wide audience and explore new angles within the established ARPG genre. We learned several valuable lessons along the way, and we will use them to improve Cryptic’s future development efforts.

Sure, I guess it’s good in the scientific sense to “explore new angles” and determine what doesn’t work. But next time? You know… just ask. I’m available at a very reasonable rate. I played that shit for 10 minutes and almost noped myself out of there right then. You can’t have an ARPG where what buttons 1-4 do is randomly switched from moment to moment. I want to see the dev who deliberately designed it that way and went “Yep, I want to play like this for the next 200 hours.”

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  1. The jankiness certainly didn’t help it any. It’s like they had no clue of the essence of what matters in the genres they were delving in.

    Your major definitive ARPGs are the Diablo series and Path of Exile. Smoothness, polish, active flow and feel of combat to create an unending chained cycle of mass monsters dying and blowing up are important. Not start and stop jittering.

    If you’ve got the Magic IP, one would expect some manner of skill cards and strategic deck building for customised builds to feature. What does Magic: Legends do? Pre-fix classes with limited skills, and then randomize the skills because ‘whee, learn to recognize the skill icons on the fly, or just spam them with no strategy, not that it really matters either way.’

    Color everybody unsurprised. Pun intended.


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