Fits and Spurts

It is difficult to play Guild Wars 2 in any sort of consistent manner.

I mean, sure, things would probably be easier if I were not so allergic to appointment gaming. But things are extremely fluid in GW2 that you must immediately drop whatever you are doing and follow the zerg when it appears like a flash mob. Otherwise you may be spending days or weeks hoping for lightning to strike twice to unlock one of ten million achievements or collections.

One of my long-term goals is to progress along the Season of Dragons meta-achievement, unlocking at least the 32-slot bag. This meta-achievement consists of dozens of other achievements, which are themselves unlocked by fulfilling a laundry list of tasks within specific zones. Some of those activities include things like “complete 10 bounties.” Bounties are basically extra-hard open-world group bosses that must be killed within 10 minutes. The LFG tool in GW2 is pretty useless for cobbling together groups, and it would be a bit irresponsible for me to create my own group for content I have no actual way to coordinate.

So… I wait and hope. And when I see someone running around the map with a Commander tag, I abandon my plans immediately (including going to sleep) and try to get whatever it is done.

So far, this strategy has been surprisingly successful. There are usually enough other achievements to work on while waiting to see if anything decides to spontaneously happen. But lately, it has stopped working. In particular, the Domain of Istan map only requires 5 bounties, of which I have 3 done, but the flash mob disbursed after Champion Suneh Stormbringer popped up and literally mopped the floor with us. Seriously, of all the bounties I have participated in, this guy was WAY overtuned. While the achievement can be earned with two more bounties of any type, I have nothing else to work on in that area – I must either camp on the map and be AFK, or try to organize something myself.

The flash mob situation was especially prevalent when I unlocked my WvW mount. I was just in WvW to get 1-2 daily achievements done to pocket 2g a bit easier. Three hours later, we assaulted and claimed a Keep, and then spent a considerable amount of time evicting the prior owners. That was not what I had intended to be doing with my playtime. I’m glad it happened, mind you, because now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. But as someone who prefers organization and analysis, it really makes me wonder how random I want my average game experience to be.

In any event, it is becoming increasingly clear that I need to join a guild. It is Guild Wars 2, after all. The issue is that you are basically in the same situation: waiting around for random guild chat spam in Lion’s Arch, or the sporadic and ephemeral postings on “Looking for Guild.” I found a promising guild on Reddit, but I’m chaffing a bit at the thought of having to essentially fill out a gaming resume and go through a probationary period. I get it, I was a GM for many years in WoW, and having some kind of filter would certainly have prevented a lot of awkward drama later on. And it’s not as though I want to join simply to leech goodwill.

But, ultimately, I don’t know how long I will be playing GW2, which days I will be playing, or even how long each individual session will be. There is an expansion coming up, and I’m very interested in that. So, maybe we just assume I’ll be around and go from there? All I really want is for another channel to be open in case someone wants some warm bodies to do X activity. I would settle for LFG if it were at all consistent.

All I know is that the quickest way to burnout is consistent inconsistency. So maybe I should solve it.

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  1. This that might make your live much easier. Get a commander or a mentor tag. If you wan’t a bounty activate it go to the bounty and ask in mapchat for people to help you. This will nearly always work. For the older maps you can wait until the daily achivement is for this map. This will assure, that there are enough people in the map. But i never had a problem organizing a fast bounty or two even on off days.

    The other thing is you can use a map timer (wiki or to look up when the timed events start. There will often be a LFG entry from someone doing the bigger ones for the smaller ones just show up.

    And the last thing. Use Blish Hud, or GWTACO with Tekkits marker pack. This will help you a lot with finding things and doing jumping puzzles and such.


    • I’ll confirm all of that is good advice. For something like a Bounty, really all you need to do is pop a tag and say you’re doing it. People come to tags like wasps to fallen apples. You don’t even need to buy a tag. You can just use the Mentor tag if you qualify for that – I forget the criteria but they’re not high.

      You certainly don’t need to know any strats for most of the non-meta events, either, so I wouldn’t worry about that. All events are supposed to scale (some don’t do it as well as others) so as long as a handful of people turn up it should usualy be enough.

      Personally, it’s the randomness of GW2 that appeals to me but it’s mostly pseudo-random at best. All the metas and World Bosses are on exact timers and loads of others are on triggers that can easily be learned. Stuff like Bounties are just switched on at demand by players. Very little is really unpredictable although you picked on one of the few things that is in WvW, which does realy entirely on the whims of whoever happens to be on the map at the time. Again, though, that’s the fun of it and what makes that game mode infinitely re-playable.


    • That’s some good information from you and bhagpuss regarding the Mentor tag… I had no idea it was essentially free (via Mastery). I might start doing that for bounties, since there is never really a needed explanation for the fights. I could always just look up the locations too.

      I do have the GWTaCo addon and Tekkits markers. They have came in very handy for many of the things I’m working on.


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