Downsides to PC Gaming

Sometimes shit just doesn’t work.

Outriders is one of the games I had an eye on, and thus was pretty thrilled when I saw it pop up on Game Pass. Downloaded it and tried to play. Emphasis on tried. Game crashes 100% of the time on the title menu. After Googling a bit, find out that this is a fairly widespread issue with a lot of voodoo workarounds. Someone noted that crashing is common if you haven’t updated your video card drivers.

OK, cool, let’s update some drivers.

Welp… maybe not. My current driver is from a year ago, but Nvidia appears to not be able to update it. I first got the helpful error message during the October/November patch and decided to wait for the next patch to see if that one would work. New patch indeed came out in December but it gives me the same error.

In the spectrum of potential PC nonsense, this issue is very mild. And I may very well may be able to find some workaround or another to get past the roadblock if I want to dedicate 2-3 hours to doing so. But I don’t. At least, not for now, not for Outriders.

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  1. Why would you wait a year to install drivers? Especially since you can basically set this to auto-download so the whole install takes a few minutes?


    • I update drivers when there is some indication that there is an updated driver. I had not received any such notification, until recently. As I do not play the latest games, it rarely comes up as an issue.


      • Odd, must be a setting with Nvidia someplace. Mine is set to auto-download and then its one-click to do the express install, which most of the time doesn’t require a restart to complete.


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