Uninstalling is Hard

Although it shouldn’t be, I found it somewhat emotionally difficult to uninstall Mass Effect 3 this weekend. I haven’t played the game in more than five months, and I had not planned to start again either. All the extra DLC feels moot to me after the endings, and while the multiplayer was surprisingly good, I got my fill of it after a few weeks.

There is no particular reason for me to feel this way.

And yet… uninstalling may as well be the kiss of death. I can always reinstall later, of course, but the mere knowledge of a 5-6 hour download is enough to send my thoughts elsewhere. For a while, I had entertained a fantasy that I would replay the entire series again, start to finish, this time as Renegade FemShep. The whole ending debacle stymied that fantasy, but there always seemed to be a spark of hope that I would come back around and just do it.

But… not anymore. I need the hard drive space. And I probably need to move on for real, like I thought I already had. No reason to keep holding onto those old pictures of your exes.

In other news, I uninstalled Diablo 3 this weekend and felt relief. Of course, I did so after cashing out my gold, although the exchange rate is a whopping $0.52 per million gold right now. I did not talk about it, but I booted D3 up two weeks ago and went ahead and beat Diablo on Inferno, just to say I did so. The gear inflation/power creep/nerfs made it feel like a completely different game.

But then again, I am not sure I enjoyed the game that it had been all that much anyway.

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  1. https://inanage.com/2012/01/09/diablo-3-soon/

    > Let’s call it the Diablo Annual Pass Challenge: pay for the Annual
    > Pass entirely through D3′s real-money AH. Good idea, or brilliant idea?
    > Time will tell!



  2. I still have WoW installed and haven’t been subscribed since May.


  3. I still have Diablo 3 installed but I sold all my gold and netted 50 euro, probably will go towards the Starcraft expansion.


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