I am officially back in action, having successfully moved all my shit across town and (more importantly) getting the internet hooked up at the new place. During the transition, I took the opportunity to indulge in my baser whims, and ended up purchasing the Playstation 3, a very decent TV to play it on, and… games. All of the games.

  • Demon Souls
  • Journey Collector’s Edition (Journey, Flower, flOw)
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Heavy Rain
  • Catherine
  • Metal Gear Solid 4
  • ICO & Shadow of the Colossus bundle
  • Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Uncharted 1 & 2 (came with PS3)
  • Infamous 1 & 2 (came with PS3)
  • Bayonetta

In fact, I might have gone a bit overboard, even though all of them were less than $20 apiece.

Scratch that, I know I have gone overboard, because this also happened:

Well... I... but... MoP was $20 so I thought... sigh

Well… I… but… MoP was $20 so I thought… sigh

The funny thing is that I have so much choice at the moment, that I have chosen not to play anything just yet. The only game I have booted up in the last 48 hours has been XCOM (it was $28 at GMG over the holiday), and that was just because it was one of the few Steam titles that I could play in Offline Mode. I only played XCOM until the end of the tutorial (difficulty Normal Ironman), but so far it has piqued my interest. Then again, I should also probably get back on the WoW train if for no other reason than to actually use the last few remaining free days. And then there is some PlanetSide 2 things I want to talk about. Nevermind the fact that I should probably finish hooking up my PS3 and pop at least one disc in the tray…

So, yeah. Overboard.

Since I am already in for a penny, might as well get all the pounds: if there is some PS3/console exclusive title that I should be on the lookout for come Xmas sale time, let me know in the comments. For example, I almost overlooked Bayonetta until I saw it on eBay last night.

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  1. If You did not alerady activated Pandaria key, You can also add 10 day free MoP trial to SOR’s 7 days. https://sea.battle.net/support/en/article/mists-of-pandaria-trial-faq


    • Hrm. I unfortunately already activated the MoP key, but I have not actually set up a subscription yet. I guess we’ll see what happens when the remaining time is up…


  2. I finally fired up a game in my PS3. Dark Souls, the sequel to Demon’s Souls. Only spent a half hour, but I couldn’t make it past the first big demon. It’s one of those situations where I know what to do, I just have to execute it correctly. Other than that I have Uncharted 3 and the ICO/SotC rerelease. Maybe by Easter I will have played them all.


  3. *looks at Scroll of Resurrection*
    *shakes head sadly*


  4. Hehe :)

    Don’t feel too bad, I just ponied up $$$ for a new computer, and I barely have time to play these days. But dammit, when I do play I want it to be at max settings! :)

    BTW, have you seen the current Humble (THQ) Bundle? 5 games (+2 expansions) for currently slightly less than $6 US! Just think about it, another 5 games you won’t have time to play, but at such a great price! :)


    • I did indeed see that bundle and picked it up. The only games I did not already own in there was Saints Row 3 and the Company of Heroes series, but SR3 alone made the ~$6 purchase well worth it.


  5. I suggest you get Ratched & Clank for the PS3, if you can stand gunny platformers at all. Way back when, R&C and FFX were the reasons I bought a PS2.


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