My WoW playing continues unabated.

I have reached Exalted with Anglers and Klaxxi most recently, and the Tillers/Cloud Serpent weeks ago. I am a step away from Honored with Shado-pan, and stopped at Revered with Shieldwall and Golden Lotus (may whomever is responsible for Golden Lotus dailies burn forever). Since I am neutral with the August Celestials and they have nothing of interest for my paladin, I have not bothered doing any quests for them.

Of my 10 alts, the highest remains stagnant at level 88; dailies and/or LFR consumes all of the WoW time I permit among my other diversions. With me hitting so many reputation milestones though, this may change.

My (high) opinion of LFR has not changed, although I did have a few bad experiences. During the first fight of Vault of Mysteries, we had a AFK warlock leecher, who stood by the stairs during the encounter. While it was annoying knowing that he/she could possibly get rewarded for doing so, the greater issue was how the encounter was reset TWICE when he was targeted by one of the bosses’ abilities. The reason why it took two resets to kick the warlock was because it was not immediately obvious why the encounter reset.

The luck I experienced with my first run of LFR has not held up to repetition. Two weeks ago I received nothing, maybe 1-2 of those coins, and this past week I received naught but a tier helm. I will agree that the “failbags” do indeed start to feel worse than not winning rolls under the traditional model… although that is more a psychological artifact than reason to go back. I think it is easier to believe you pessimistically expect nothing to drop, when you are not immediately reminded that you had a discreet chance via the roll. The difference between Blackjack and slot machines goes much further than the mere odds.

For the second week in a row, I have also cleared out Black Temple solo. I am not entirely certain that every class can do it, but my Retribution paladin with 474 ilevel does not have much trouble with a full clear in 50 minutes. The 2nd phase of Reliquary of Souls is the only time things get truly dicey – Council also requires frequent Word of Glories while kiting – but beyond that it is fairly easy at this level and gear. I got the T6 pants and shoulders on my first run, and picked up some other Transmog-worthy pieces along the way.

Unfortunately, both the T6 chest and Bulwark drop off Illidan and he has yet to drop anything useful for the 3rd week running; clearing the place is easy, but 50 minutes is still 50 minutes. I could probably “cut my losses” and spend a ridiculous amount of honor for the Season 3 off-color chest (seriously, 1000 honor vs 175 honor for the S4 chest), as I grow increasingly weary about the odds that one of the legendary blades will drop. In many ways, getting one of those on the paladin, an item I could not even equip let alone Transmog (…yet), would almost be worse than never getting anything from Illidan.

Gaming psychology. Such a twisted thing.

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  1. Which part of the Illidan encounter do you have trouble with?


    • Sorry if it was not clear, but I have no problems with the Illidan encounter. The “cutting my losses” was simply in reference to spending 50 minutes clearing out BT each week (now for the 3rd week running); I am not opposed to spending effort for vanity gear, but 50 minutes is still 50 minutes.

      I’ll update the post to make that a little bit more clear.


  2. I used to do BT for the rep, but council is just too annoying a fight to bother with solely for gear. Oddly one time i killed them they dropped only one tier token and nothing else. Some glitch due to me running them all over the place like a nut?

    Right now, I only do MC and BWL. MC I still need the rep actually, maybe another month or so to go there. Also the lawbringer legs, which must be the rarest item in the game…I think I’ve gotten every other piece three times so far. For judgment I still need the bracers and helm.

    I’d say I have average luck with lfr, but I solely heal it now and my luck there is awful. Last week I did like 12 bosses and got 12 gold bags, along with the caster sword in terrace on a bonus roll. This week has been better, 7 bosses with 3 drops, one of which I of course already had. Very glad my main is an enchanter.


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