As you may have noted along the sidebar, I am “playing” the original Crysis on and off. The scare-quotes are there because the game itself is borderline unplayable with all the bugs and crashes I have been experiencing. For as much as I love Steam and try to get 100% of my PC gaming through it, I am finding it increasingly asinine how little support Steam offers for the very games it sells. Generally speaking, if the game is more than 5 years old, I don’t even bother trying to install it before checking out the forums first; luckily, most of the first page is usually filled with similar customers in dire need of tech support as all of us stumble in the dark together.

I give games like the original Borderlands a pass – despite needing to download a swath of mods to make it less of a brain-dead console port – because that was how the game was designed. With Crysis though? The goddamn game crashes 100% of the time when you try and change any of the settings. If I alt-tab out of the game, it automatically switches to windowed mode, with no way to go back to full-screen without crashing the game. And it’s buggy even inside the game too; I was stuck for over an hour before I realized that the Objectives not updating was a bug and not me missing some sort of programming trigger (which would still be stupid).

I get that computers are hard, what with all the potential variations in hardware and software. But, seriously, some of this shit needs to be bundled with the download of the game itself.

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  1. I recall having to do something to Fallout 3 to render it playable on Win7. Some of the easier fixes could be rolled up into the game (and they sometimes are), but without crowdsourcing in some way it would be a monumental amount of effort to keep it all running. It’s a problem that will only get worse over time though.

    When I reinstalled the original Diablo for a nostalgia tour, I actually just used a virtual pc running XP. Makes me think that should be a standard inclusion for all versions of windows.


    • Yeah, I harp on Steam in this regard simply because it feels more than simply another vendor – I would not hold Amazon accountable for selling a computer game I cannot properly play. Then again, Steam is installing 200mb patches for games I don’t think I’ve even played once (but installed) damn near every day, so it feels like they need to go the extra mile here.


  2. Weird, I only ran into one bug that severly impacted Crysis for me. The last level, at the carrier, is apparently bugged with DX10 and I needed to force the game to run in DX9. With Steam you can do so by…
    Right click the game in your Library > Properties > General > Set Launch Options > -dx9


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