Happy Dead News Day

God, I hate April Fools. I hate it so much, in fact, I took the day off of work, so I would not be so bored out of my mind with the gaming site (and Reddit too, apparently) nonsense. The celebration of insipid deception is so pervasively perverse, I do not even bother believing any news for a full 24 hours. New PTR notes? A release date for X game? Nope, can’t hear you, lalalalalalala~.

Anyway, I beat Bioshock Infinite over the weekend. Were the 14 hours worth the $45? You will have to wait for the review; a review I most certainly will not write on April Fools, lest it not be believed.

Of course, if you have been around here for any length of time, you will probably believe it.

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  1. Your work consists of reading gaming news and Reddit? :o


    • I wish.

      I actually work at a fairly standard office position pushing paper and the like, but being able to read things surreptitiously keeps me sane.


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