Got Ghostcrawler on Speed-dial

Right after yesterday’s complaints, the following notes go up:

  • Experience needed to increase from level 85 to level 90 has been reduced by 33%.
  • Reduced the number of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune needed for the Mogu Runes of Fate weekly quest to 50, down from 90.
  • Players no longer need to have defeated Grand Empress Shek’zeer to enter the Terrace of Endless Spring in Normal difficulty.
  • Shado-Pan and The August Celestials daily quests no longer have a faction prerequisite to be Revered with the Golden Lotus.

Technically, the last one has been in there a while, if you haven’t noticed before.

Anyway, nice try, Ghostcrawler, but it’s too little, too late for me. Maybe when the next expansion is 50% off, I’ll dip my toe in again like I did this last time. Then again, maybe not.

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  1. I agree with all you wrote in your previous post and in this one.
    And I’m not unsubbing any time soon :)
    I think the explanation is in one of your answers: I have a good group of people I play with, and technitally I have “unsubbed” from all you mention, since for me WoW = raids. After the initial test of various stuff, I mostly only raid and log on to raid. The rest of the game, dailies and the rest, has stopped existing quite some time ago, so it doesn’t affect me that much.
    LFR is another non-problem: I don’t need anything from LFR which I can’t get in a better version from the normal raids, so I join the guild runs (which are absolute roflstomp-fests) when they are proposed, but for the rest I don’t run them.
    The drop in XP is a welcome change, I had already started leveling my alts, and this will push me to finish leveling them so that I have access to the crafts at the next expansion. I don’t care about gearing up my alts, as I don’t raid with them, so that’s another non-issue. (ok, my main is a druid, so I can test any raid role without the need of a reroll, but I can understand that not everyone has the chance of playing the best WoW class :P)


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