WoW Down Another 600k to 7.7m

If the same thing happens every three months, does it still count as news? WoW is down to 7.7m from 8.3m, a loss of 600k subscribers, meaning we are back into pre-2007 territory.

"It's about sending a message."

“It’s about sending a message.”

One of the more interesting facts, personally, was the resolution to the possible Vivendi fiasco. You know, the whole situation in which Vivendi was in the process of raiding Activision Blizzard’s big piles of cash, potentially bringing a company with several billion-dollar franchises to its knees for no game-related reason? Oh, didn’t hear about that before MMO-Champ casually talked about the stock buy-back with no context? I might suggest expanding your blogroll with the illustrious Nosy Gamer (or NoizyGamer, apparently), who has been following this particular series of power-plays since at least July 10th. Things could have turned out incredibly bad for Blizzard, and I imagine that the vast majority of even blog-aware people would have not known about it until the fan hit the shit.

Incidentally, NoizyGamer has been keeping up The Digital Dozen feature – tracking the top 12 MMOs based on XFire numbers – every week since the start of 2012. XFire is XFire, but it’s pretty much all we have left at this point, inbetween quarterly reports. There is also a bunch of EVE posts and talk about EVE bots, but nobody is perfect ¹.

Anyway, there it is. Kinda interesting (and scary) to read about all the Machiavellian schemes going on inside the gaming industry, and realizing that good game companies fail all the damn time despite producing legitimately good titles. Say what you want about WoW’s current direction, but I don’t think anyone wants Blizzard to fold because some stock-holder in Europe has a bad credit rating; we want it to fail for real reasons, like raiding is too hard/easy, LFD exists, or because Ghostcrawler was mean to somebody on Twitter.

¹ Just kidding, the stuff about bots is pretty cool.

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  1. Did they mention if it’s mainly Asia again? I haven’t read that and that probably means it’s mainly in the West?


    • Since it was more of a press release than an actual quarterly report, there weren’t very many details. I’d be surprised if they were mostly in the West though, simply because there isn’t much more than 2m-3m Western subs to begin with; a 600k Western sub loss would signifigantly empty out whole servers.


  2. Is there any MMO that’s growing at this point? EVE is usually touted, but it’s unclear whether it is gaining new players or just new accounts. It’s amazing to me that people put up with the can-only-learn-skills-on-one-character-per-account scam, but I guess they put up with WoW’s server transfer fees too.


    • Possibly SW:TOR. As of May, actual sub numbers were steady at half-a-million, and ‘player numbers’ (a term which of course is an unanchored F2P chimera, but presumably comparable to ‘active accounts’) were up by 1.7m.

      It’s quite bittersweet to diehards like myself who thought it deserved to do much better under the P2P model, but one is forced to concede that its conversion was not a mistake.


  3. Just letting everyone know that has been revived and v4.0 of the charts is released.


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