Ghetto Transfer + Twitter

Has it occurred to anyone else that the free level 90 character Blizzard is handing out in Warlords of Draenor can be used as a ghetto faction/server transfer? If not, well, consider it. My old crew transferred away from Auchindoun to a PvE server during the half-off sale, so the possibility of server mergers “Connected Realms” bringing us back together is nil. I mean, we could still do some cross-realm things, but it’s not quite the same.

But I was thinking the other day about what would stop me from just straight-up rolling a new level 90 paladin on their server come expansion release. Other than the monk, all my other alts are level 85 at a minimum, so boosting any of them would be a waste. Achievements, mounts, pets, most titles, and even heirlooms are account-wide now or will soon be. About the only thing I “lose” is the ability to transfer 50,000g and my old-world mats. And, I guess, my transmog gear. Since I ran Black Temple long enough to get the Bulwark of Azzinoth (and a hopeless dream), that would suck to lose.

For other people though, the level 90 thing could provide value in all sorts of surprising ways.


Also! After the frustration of not being able to relate my awesomeness in Hearthstone the moment it occurs (e.g. all the goddamn time), I have dusted off my Twitter account:


I’ll keep it over in the sidebar, but I make no promises as to its updating schedule or value of its contents. So… basically it’ll be like every Twitter account ever. But if you want to know how #AllSkill it felt dropping an Alexstraza against a Druid at full HP and then killing him next turn when I gave her Windfury, well, you just might be prepared.

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  1. That’s a good idea for someone who has all high level alts. I think I would use it to boost one of the classes I could never seem to get off the ground. I’ve always wanted a high level druid or mage but could never get them past 20ish without getting burned out on the leveling process. I may use this to kickstart the fun.


    • I did the same for a druid alt with the free level 80 character from Scroll of Resurrection. I think at the time, the druid was still forced into Bear form only for the first dozen levels or so – it was really, really boring.


  2. I know it’s not quite the same, but you do know that they’re opening up all raiding except for mythic to be cross-realm capable, right?


    • Yes. However, it’s still a big pain in the ass having to beg PuG leaders to invite cross-realm toons and/or coordinating with guilds to bring in non-guildies (even if I have some token toon in the guild). Not a $25 pain in the ass, but enough.


  3. It had not occurred to me, but it does now, and I like what I’m hearing. I have so many server/guild issues in my past that stuck with me because I didn’t want to re-level, this feels almost like a get-out-of-jail free card!



  4. I’d had that same thought, unless someone has a specific plan about what to do with the free 90, I’d probably put it on a new server, preferably one with friends or one that’s the opposite of the server type you’re on now (if you’re on a busy server, put it on a slower server, or vice versa). Use it to expand horizons rather than just accumulating more max toons on a main server.


  5. does this mean that eventually that ‘strike through’ on WoW: Azuriel may go away? :)


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