Maybe Not So Dynamic After All?

Remember how excited I was over dynamic armor (as Grumpy Elf calls it)? Well, right now things are looking a bit more dicey.

  • Tanking gear will have Armor as a tanking stat after Dodge and Parry are gone.

How I am interpreting that quote is that there will still be tanking gear in WoD, as there wouldn’t be a point in mentioning +Armor as a replacement stat for Parry/Dodge on gear. This then further calls into question my earlier assumption that a paladin wearing DPS plate will get +Spirit when he/she switches to Holy. So… will there be no Intellect plate but still Spirit plate? It makes no sense, but then neither does DPS gear turning into healer gear but not tanking gear.

Maybe +Armor will still be a tanking stat, but relegated to non-armor slots like rings and trinkets. In that case, it sort of makes sense for the +Spirit dilemma to behave likewise. Some dynamic gearing is better than none, but I can’t help but feel that the end result is a bit too half-assed than it has any reason to be. On the other hand, even with full dynamic gearing you will likely run into a scenario where +Crit is better for DPS than +Haste or whatever, and thus end up with what amounts to two (or more) different suits anyway.

I suppose as long as the delta between the hypothetical +Crit vs +Haste pieces is reasonable enough for normal raiding, it shouldn’t really matter. And even if it’s ridiculous, having only one tier set for each class is pretty huge by itself. Hmm. Something to keep an eye on in the months ahead.

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  1. We’ll need to have more information to see how this turns out, which could be very good or very bad. The current situation is bad, anyway: “get highest ilvl, then go to mrrobot and press a button”, does not really cut it as “gear customization” or “meaningful choice”. As of today the only interesting pieces of armor are the trinkets, which are situational or downright weird, if they can balance so that half of the armor is auto-morph-to-your-spec and the other half is situational then things may get interesting.
    A bit like what happened with talents where we went from “allocate one and forget” to “someone please has a tome? I need to change a talent”. While there’s still an optimal solution (for Patchwerk DPS), it’s also not necessairly what people take in reality, because fights are not Patchwerk….


  2. When they talked about this in the panel, they mentioned spirit specifically and implied that it would appear on the non-dynamic slots only. It’s possible that this could apply to bonus armour too, I suppose.

    In fact, a neat (but rather dull) way of handling this would be to make all dynamic slots have primary stat + stamina + set bonuses only, and all our secondary stats would come from the other slots. Since secondary stats are all points that get converted to a percentage, they could then just adjust that conversion to compensate./


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