Anime Update

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually keep my anime reviews on the down-low, if only because I’m not entirely sure of the overlap in readership interest. If you are interested though, I have a half-dozen new micro-reviews up on the Review tab, including Attack on Titan, Angel Beats!, and Psycho PASS. I am actually to the point where I’m cleaning up the rest of my unwatched anime collection, and will likely start seeing if streaming sites like CrunchyRoll is better than downloading.

And if you have no interest in anime, you’re missing out:





This post may or may not have been an elaborate excuse to upload these screenshots.

Mission accomplished.

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  1. I, for one, am interested in your reviews, but by keeping all of them in a single page you make it difficult to know which ones are new. Maybe you could make a separate post each time you publish some, and keep your “Reviews” page as a sort of index?


    • Hmm. I may end up doing that – just as I do for game reviews – if for no other reason than the page of micro-reviews is starting to get a little unwieldy itself.


    • Yeah, agreed here. You don’t seem to post all that often, but perhaps posting to another blog might help? Anyway, as a casual anime watcher, I appreciate your reviews to tell if something is worth watching or not, Azuriel. :)

      Also, which shows are those screen caps from?


      • 1) Nichijou
        2) My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU
        3) Angel Beats!
        4) It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular

        Apparently I forgot to review that last one!

        As for updating, I actually try to keep it to 2-3 posts a week even if there’s more I could talk about. I’d probably get more traffic if I did a Gevlon-esque daily post schedule, or even Tobold’s “any time the wind picks up,” but it annoys me sometimes when new posts coming out kill any interesting comment threads on “old” posts.


  2. I’m a casual anime watcher too, but I recently saw “Gargantia on the Planet Verderous”, and rather liked it. It was an amusing “fish out of water” story. It’s on Crunchyroll, if you are looking to try that out.


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