Impressions: Blackrock Mountain

That was a fun 20 minutes. See you next week, I guess!

I think I actually cackled.

I think I actually cackled.

Yep, beat even all three bosses on Heroic. Or should I say “beat them on Gimmick?”

In the above screenshot, I went with Freeze mage against the 2nd heroic encounter and won on the back of a single card. Literally, the same card, as it got traded back and forth every turn by the AI’s Lorewalker Cho. The plan was to wait to kill the AI via Fatigue damage, but I got bored halfway through and decided I had enough removal plus Mirror Entity up. I clear the opponent’s board with some Explosive Sheep and watch it play Deathwing. Oh lordy. I get a copy of the 12/12 creature, the opposing Deathwing gets BGH’d, I drop another Mirror Entity in the off-chance of some top-deck shenanigans, then sail home to victory.

I enjoy this sort of content, but I feel there’s not really a good way to go about it in card games. The adventures in Hearthstone are one-and-done content, for example. Hex has at least part of its PvE content up and running, and yet that is more focused on grinding low drop-rate rewards, from what I hear. I suppose in the latter case there is at least a reason to continue reusing the AI content.

Hmm. Yeah, it’s a tough design to crack. Even if you faced a sort of “random enemy” opponent that didn’t have a gimmick to play around (e.g. just a bot), what’s stopping you from just playing your tournament netdeck every game and likely wiping the floor with them? Random decklists for players too could be fun – the Mage class challenge in Blackrock Mountain was amazing – although it might be tough to stay motivated if you keep losing because the deck you were assigned was garbage.

Lasting card game content may just be other players only.


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  1. I must really suck at card games because I can never figure out the trick to the Heroic modes. Once it’s pointed out it seems obvious but I’ve been on Grim Guzzler Heroic all day. With Nax I ended up readin guides but I wanted to try and get this one on my own.


    • The key really is to abandon any pretense of normal deckbuilding. Instead, build around the gimmick and what kind of cards you know the AI plays. Also, RNG. RNG is very important.

      For what it’s worth, I also looked up some of the fights ahead of time.


  2. The mage class fight is Blizzard intentionally trolling me, which I must say was cute.

    “Oh this card that is 100% RNG but is also stupid OP? Have a full deck of it!”.


    • After the Hunter class challenge in Naxx, people were clamoring for a Mage Portal one since GvG was released. I for one was pleased that they did so. In fact, it’s the only Adventure fight that I’ve played more than once, which is a huge success IMO.


  3. On my first foray into heroic Arena, the boss coined Stalagg on T1 and played Feugen on T2.

    It did not end well.


    • Yeah, the first time I played it I couldn’t wrap my head around why all these big creatures were coming out so soon. It wasn’t until maybe the 3rd match before I realized he started with 4 mana crystals.


  4. I’m too daunted to go back into heroic mode for the moment. I just get repeatedly pummelled into the dirt. Granted, my decks are weak sauce and I have bugger all cards, but still. I did enjoy making a silly mage deck that was full of freezes and spells to kill the normal boss with the mob you couldn’t kill, but I’m stumped as to what to do to defeat heroic! I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually (or cave and google it, lol)

    Are you looking forward to the next wing?


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