The Grand Tournament

[Blaugust Day 25]

Technically the latest Hearthstone expansion should have came out before this post will go Live, but I’m finding it difficult to get too excited. New cards and the possibility of new metagames are good. The actual cards being released though? I’m looking at the complete spoiler right now and feeling rather underwhelmed.

Here are the cards I am actually interested in:

It's a short list.

It’s a short list.

That is 12 cards out of 132, or about 9%. While that more or less follows Sturgeon’s Law, I can’t help but wonder if this is indicative of the state of Hearthstone overall, the weakness of this particular set design, or some combination thereof. I’m not even saying that the cards listed above are the best ones of the set, or the strongest ones. Maybe someone will find a way to break Astral Communion straight away… although that’s a card I suspect will find a better niche a few expansions from now. No, I’m simply stating that the above cards are the only ones that excite me in any way.

We’ll see, I suppose. I’m not a metagame master by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe Lock and Load will completely change the metagame (doubtful); or Aviana will be stronger than combo druid (no way); or Rhonin will be a surprise break-through Mage success (not really). My suspicions are that we will see the same sort of Aggro-or-Bust decks on the ladder, supplemented by mid-range and Control decks running the above cards.

And maybe Shaman will be more of a thing.

[Fake Edit:] Bought 31 packs with accumulated gold. Golden Eadric and regular Fjola Lightbane were the Legendaries I pulled. The latter is not quite Eydis, but it’s difficult to complain about anything after a golden Legendary. After disenchanting a golden Epic I received, I have enough dust to craft a Legendary of my choosing. But, honestly, not sure I’m going to. At least, not a Legendary from this new set.

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  1. I bought 50 packs with gold and got 4 legendaries: Varian, Bolf Ramshield, Sky captain Kragg, and Acidmaw.

    There are a lot of interesting cards in the set, but not too many good ones. I like how they finally gave dragon decks some taunts, and then made them epic and legendary. I kind of wish the whole “epic” rarity just didn’t exist, as those end up being the most pain in the ass cards to get.


    • I actually really like most of the Dragons and that sort of race synergy; the only reason I didn’t like Murlocs is because I scoff – scoff, I say! – at it’s Aggro bent. Midrange for life!

      Epics are okay, IMO, but the problem is that there isn’t much in the way of good Dust-farming techniques. The Dust part is one of the biggest innovations in the genre, and Blizzard is so damn stingy with it.


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