End of Year: 2015 Edition

Something something… hope you have a good new year?

What I will say is that 2015 has been a particular year of changes in my real life, which I haven’t much talked about before, and don’t particularly feel like starting now. But things have been changing, life decisions made, and so on. All for the better, for the record. I doubt said changes will have any impact on my postings in 2016, as I am rather fond of writing and ranting to you all. With any luck, most of you feel likewise, at least some of the time.

My resolution for 2016 is to not play “just OK” games to completion anymore. Because reasons:

Challenge Acc... deferred.

Challenge Acc… deferred.

What I anticipate doing in 2016:

  • Actually playing FF14 for real this time.
  • Maybe, potentially sticking my toe back in GW2. Briefly.
  • Oh, yeah, I bought GTA 5, didn’t I?
  • Being more excited than I probably should be about Overwatch.
  • Spending a WoW token and immediately regretting it.
  • Being amazing.

So there you go. Let’s look forward to seeing what sort of shenanigans 2016 has in store for us all.

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  1. I got to say GW2 did improve since 3 years ago.

    They got “megaserver” thingy that keeps enough population in zones to feel “alive” despite obvious population drop on some realms (and suggests switching map instance if it becomes too empty).

    “Explicit schedule of villainy” works great if you like some events more then others (or need just particular one for daily or various collections).

    They got “action camera” thingy with HoT that allows you to change targeting from usual “tab-targeting” to “target things you look at” (including changing target while skill still goes for channelled ones, redirecting damage there), and better options for AoE placement in general (making something like grenade engineer a lot less pain to play).

    And player character finally speaks in HoT story too, and it’s all mostly in the world instead of cut-scenes of two characters talking back and forth as it was in first Living Story.

    As well as lots of other minor changes and fixes. Most of post-launch hiccups seems to be fixed too, haven’t had a crash for a while.


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