The Curse that Keeps Cursing

Hey, do you recall the travails associated with my attempting to install GTA 5 through Rockstar’s shitty “Social Club” nonsense? Well, I finally decided to quit hesitating and go ahead and start playing the game.

Oh, wait, there’s a 1 GB patch to download first. At 200 kb/s, again. I think the most baffling part of this – besides the fact that I can use a VPN to magically make the download go back to 2 mb/s – is how it says it is downloading at 200 kb/s, but literally nothing else will load properly. I tried to load Google to see if this shit got fixed somehow else, but Google literally timed out. So whatever the launcher is doing, it is doing so badly to effectively kill the entirety of my internet.

With everything downloaded (via VPN), I finally booted up the game. And it worked through the tutorial and the first few missions. Then… it didn’t:


Really? Really?

I was on the way to repo a motorcycle in the game, passed some invisible line, and the entire game crashes with that error. After several repeated experiments, it appears the crashing is related to either loading a cutscene that would trigger in that area of town, or simply loading that section of town. Either way, the game is functionally useless because I cannot progress past this point.

I looked online for solutions, and the culprit is likely some kind of corrupted file. Which, per the source, can occur if the original download is interrupted. Hmm. Where have I…

The one “quirk” with this “solution” is that Ultrasurf cycles through various proxy servers at certain intervals, which technically interrupts the download. For the most part, the GTA 5 launcher will pause and then resume the download no problem. After 5-10 cycles of this though, it will stop the download entirely, forcing you to press Retry to get it moving again. I’m not in a particular mood to babysit this download for eight real-time hours, so I had to look for another solution.

Enter Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker 4.0


There is no official way to check for corrupted files via Social Club’s launcher, for the record. I ended up finding a Reddit thread talking about downloading and creating a goddamn Python script to check your files. Which I did so, and everything came back OK. Found a slightly more up-to-date list to add to the script, but still no errors. Rockstar themselves suggests uninstalling and reinstalling.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Honestly, at this point, I’m sorely tempted to chalk the whole thing up as a total loss. As in, deleting GTA 5 and just never playing it. I mean, technically I can wait for another year or whatever and try and snag the game in a Steam-specific sale and be done with it that way. But I’m already out $28, so there is no “deal” possible in this scenario.

There is one other scenario in which I might salvage this situation: I contacted the retailer to re-enable a direct download of the individual installation pieces of the game. My hope is that it won’t download at 200 kb/s, and thus I can download sans VPN and without mid-download micro-interruptions. There is no guarantee that it will work, and shit is already annoying as hell, so this may just be another variation of Sunk Cost Fallacy.

But Christ Almighty, have I learned my lesson. Some people might cry about Steam being a monopoly, but if Steam is a monopoly, it is precisely because of the incompetence of everyone else. It has literally been 5-10 years since I’ve remembered that I’m a PC gamer. You know, that unfortunate kind of gamer who can buy shit that doesn’t work out of the goddamn box. Who else would put up with that?

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  1. Since you don’t care to play it right away, why not just let the social club thing download it?

    Alternatively, is there some way to grab a copy on torrent, install it, and just have the DRM program find the installed files?


    • At 200 kb/s, it would take over three entire days to complete the download. And as noted in the post, during that time I cannot actually use any internet at all; the download even kills my wireless. Running it overnight over a week or so might “work,” but that also involves frequently pausing the download which might lead to the same file corruption as before.

      I did take a look at PirateBay because I was to that point, but there were only two actual downloads available. The first one was clearly a hacked Russian version, and the second, more recent version did not have any comments.

      For now, I’m going to try the piecemeal download approach.


      • Hmm, all I can find on the torrents is a “repack”, but I don’t know what that actually means. I’ve been out of the pirate scene too long.


  2. Haha, I sympathise with your troubles, but I have to admit to having a bit of a giggle when I read this.


  3. Tales from the poors are always my favorite tales.


    • So, if I go to a store, buy a physical copy of GTA5, get home install it and start to update it after the install and get the same problems, it’s a “Tale from the poors”? or is it a crapshoot support to a product from a company?


      • Tale from the poors and dumb. Double points.

        Buy it on Steam, problem solved.


      • @Syncaine

        The “poor” doesn’t fit this situation, considering this issue occurs when purchasing/activating from Rockstar at any price. Dumb? Perhaps in hindsight. But it is entirely Rockstar’s fault for delivering shitty service when they are big enough that this shouldn’t happen.

        But, yes, lesson learned.


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