…Okay, that was cool

I remain deeply skeptical about VR overall – the whole “a solution in search of a problem” situation – but… I must admit this looked pretty cool:

It’s the game Budget Cuts, and Tycho wrote some more stuff about it already. Seeing it be played in that video though, especially starting around 7:05? I can start to grok how interesting it could be, even when you’re playing alone with other people in the room. Which would still be pretty weird, especially if you’re flopping around, diving to the ground and such.

Then again, I feel weird playing regular computer games with someone else in the room already.

In any case, at least the Vive has thus far addressed my earliest concern of, you know, being able to take a drink with the headset on: Tron mode. Which is almost cool enough on its own.

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  1. Kotaku.com had an article up talking about a steam app that recreates your computer desktop in VR. It basically allows you to do all your computing (including gaming) on a virtual imax size monitor. Results weren’t perfect in the writers testing across lots of typical computer useage, but no more monitor sounds like a future VR (maybe model 2.0) purchase for me.


    • I actually mentioned the whole TV/monitor angle as being one of the few potential positives in my first post from way back when. I’m kinda sorta maybe in the market for a larger monitor right now, so being able to conclusively settle that internal debate (“Another 23″, or one 27”?) is tempting.

      That being said… I don’t even wear headphones out of Vent/TeamSpeak/Skype scenarios, despite the headphones technically giving me a higher fidelity surround-sound experience. Would I wear a VR deal all the time? And, again, how does that IMAX-size screen help me use the keyboard/mouse? Or take a drink inbetween respawn timers? VR is a very insular experience, and I’m a bit concerned about how it might affect domestic life down the road too. Playing games as a primary hobby is one thing, but playing them in a headset all the time? I feel that might be a step too far.


  2. Those controls look great already but THIS – http://www.zam.com/article/330/with-manus-vr-gloves-youll-be-able-to-play-a-piano-in-vr …now we’re talking!


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