Home is Where My PC Is

And that’s moving today. Around three miles away, but still.

It’s a relatively inconvenient time though, with all the discounts and pre-expansion patches and such.

I was very, very tempted to pop the first of my nine WoW Tokens (purchased over a year ago) on Monday to ensure I wasn’t holding onto goods that would be deprecated. Then I thought through it rationally. “Okay… so I’d be spending a Token worth X amount to save… what? More than X amount?” A year of “lost” Garrison revenue has led me to believe price inflation would have rendered me non-competitive anyway, assuming I even had the time to spend dicking around the AH at the moment. Which I don’t.

Still, I will be in Legion. I haven’t decided if it will be right at the start, or later on like with Draenor.

Meanwhile, the Guild Wars 2 expansion is currently selling for $25 for another week or so. Although my attempts to get back into GW2 earlier this year didn’t go particularly well, I feel that part of that was due to the lack of buy-in. Not necessarily in forcing the feeling of investment per se, but knowing that next to none of the content I had access to would be new. Want to try the Revenant? Nope. See new zone? Denied. Living Story? Sorry, that’ll be a few thousand gems.

On the other hand, half off something I don’t ultimately end up using is 100% wasted. So we’ll see.

The last deal I wanted to mention was that current Humble Bundle in which they are selling Battleborn for basically $15. That’s gotta sting, yeah? From $60 to $15 in 2.5 months. I was tempted to pick it up… for Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, not for Battleborn. On the other hand, I’ve mainlined Borderlands 2 to the degree that I’m not even sure I want to play that type of game anymore.

Hmm. Perhaps this move hasn’t impacted my purchasing decisions as much as I thought it has.

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  1. GW2 is never worth it mate, maybe maybe if you have the burning urge to play through HoT content then they do have an instant level 80 thing going for everyone who owns HoT. Even with that I couldn’t stomach more than 20 minutes of staring at bars again before the memories of what playing GW2 actually entails came flooding back. Also the combat just makes me want to play better action combat, but I digress.

    Good luck with the move, sounds as easy they get.

    Battleborn dying is both a bit sad but also, I think, indicative of the way in which MOBAs’ve supplanted MMOs as the me-too genre. I hope Paragon does better – if not, I hope it doesn’t sink Epic. Gearbox have enough stored goodwill with both consumers and corporate to survive this, I imagine, but Epic might take a serious beating, especially with the model the upcoming UT is using.


  2. I’ve got Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.
    It’s basically disappointing.
    Loved 1 and 2, played all the DLC, but somehow they didn’t hit the mark with this one.
    Something about the drops is off – I never found a gun I really liked, and the Australian accents and grey-silver colourscheme (it’s all on the moon – or at least as far as I got) just didn’t work for me.
    Borderlands is all about loot – that seems to be the core of the game, and they need to be able to get that right.
    However, the ad crawl for 2K Australia does have the spoookiest kookaburra laugh I’ve ever heard, so there’s that.


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