That’s One Way to Kill My Interest

Been playing Legion at a good clip the past couple of days. Relatively speaking, of course.

If there has been one change that could smother my interest in the cradle though, it’s this:


Are you serious?

There are a couple of things going on. The primary one is that, at some point, Blizzard throttled the Auction House (AH) page scanning to ~5 seconds per page. Did they do this specifically for Legion? I don’t know. Is this a permanent change? God, I hope not. Because as the above picture shows, it takes over 3.5 minutes to even to get an opportunity to post some silk using Auctionator (an AH addon, but other are just as affected). This scan occurs every time you post any item, including the same item, if you decided you want to post two stacks of five and five individual silks.

“Too bad for the AH goblin,” right? Well… yeah. And you. There is still serious gold to be made in the AH – the issue is now there will be less competition for the people willing to sit through the delay. Goblins raise everything to “market prices,” but we also undercut each other. If the delay completely kills my motivation to do anything with the AH other than unloading herbs/ore, that is one less person driving down the cost of produced goods. You’ll be back to the days of the 1-2 Glyph barons on your server with a 10,000% profit margin. Because we are no longer competing on price, but on our willingness to Alt-Tab or bot the process.

In the meantime, I have be using as much of the default AH interface as I can. There is still a 5-second delay is switching pages, but at least the first page gives me some sort of baseline for determining the floor of a given good. A lot of my browsing though, is simply no longer possible. Want to look at every BoE epic armor on the AH above ilevel 800 for flipping purposes? Good luck… you might be able to finish the scan before you get logged off for being AFK.

Sometimes you get lucky with the default interface though. Auctionator doesn’t even bother listing Bid Prices, which means you can lose out on some ridiculous nonsense like this:



Yes, I won the auction with a bid of 1 silver, 10 copper. I would have been fine with selling it for ~300g, but it turns out the actual going price since my last scan shows 750g.

That’s a win, but I’d pay all of that and more for a return to 1-second page scans.

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  1. I am using Auctioneer and it doesn’t seem to be having those problems. To test it out I just completed a quick scan of the AH in 38seconds and it was able to pull up all the silk auctions quickly almost instantly.
    If your addon is looking up the price of all items every time you list something then I think something is set up incorrectly.


    • I checked back on Auchindoun-US and the scans seem to be going faster than they were earlier last week. However, Sargeras-US absolutely still has the 5-second delay as of last night. Perhaps it is limited to High-pop realms?


  2. Possibly. The fast scan is a high load thing with a 15 minute cooldown. It wouldn’t be surprising if it was disabled on busy servers.


  3. There is an option to scan as a batch that iirc needs to be used with auctioneer to have any kind of sane results. Auctionator uses this method by default but I remember having to use a /command method with auctioneer. I would check and see if you can do that because with auctionator it downloads the whole set of results at once and talks 2-3 min tops.


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