Biggest News from BlizzCon

Let me just lay it on you:

  • They’re looking into making the WoW Token be able to be used for other services as well like Character Transfer, Faction Change, or Balance. (source)

You can watch the specific part on Youtube, but the bottom line is that this is coming in the “very near future,” there won’t be different Tokens, e.g. the ones you currently have will work, and this entire thing was what they had planned from the start but wanted to start slow to make sure the system worked.

This news is both incredibly good and probably bad for me. Good because I have a lot of toons trapped on Auchindoun. Bad because I don’t know when this system will be implemented. But because it is, that means I shall leave them trapped until it is implemented. Definitely don’t want to be a chump spending $25 two weeks before I could buy a dozen moves with in-game currency.

More BlizzCon impressions to follow.

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  1. I was mostly joyous over flying finally coming back. I already unsubbed in wait for flying tho but now I know I can come back around when 7.2 has been on PTR for 1-2 weeks to have time to finish up my pathfinder and such.


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