Player Housing, IRL

Closed on a house today. First-time meatspace homeowner.

Posts will continue as they more or less have been for the past month or so, e.g. kinda slowly. With all the heavy lifting out of the way though, all that’s left is the… heavy lifting.

Just kidding, I hired movers.

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  1. Nice.
    I hope you enjoy the inside of whatever Bunnings is in your part of the world.
    Home Depot?


  2. Congratulations!


  3. You hiring movers is shocking, figured with your “Why use Steam, its too easy!” ways, you’d not only skip movers, but also skip a moving truck and pull your stuff via sled or something :)

    Congrats, and welcome to shit going wrong all the time, its pretty awesome!


  4. Hiring movers is the correct decision.


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