Black Friday and the frenzied consumerism of the holidays is close upon us. It’s probably a bit silly to be thinking about buying more things considering I have more Steam games to last two lifetimes, but… Capitalism, ho! Here’s what I will be keeping my eye out for:

  • Playstation 4 ($199 + $60 Kohls Cash)
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • The Last Guardian
  • Huawei Honor 6X Phone (< $150)
  • Steam Games
    • Far Cry 4
    • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
    • Divinity: Original Sin 2
    • Oxygen Not Included
    • NeiR: Automata
    • Dead Cells
    • Salt & Sanctuary
    • No Man’s Sky
  • MMOs
    • GW2: Heart of Thorns & Path of Flame

The PS4 purchase is probably the most excessive of the bunch, considering how infrequently I have used the PS3 since purchasing it five years ago. Of course, I didn’t really have a good setup at the time – projectors are cool, but sitting down and pressing a button is easier – and things have changed since then. There is a certain symmetry in how I basically bought the PS3 for The Last of Us, and The Last of Us 2 is one of the driving factors for a PS4 purchase (albeit a few years from now). If/When I end up getting Destiny 2, it will be on PC though.

Phone-wise, I’m in the stereotypical “my phone works, but there’s a better one out there” pinch. My SO’s phone died a couple months ago, so I of course created a Google doc comparing all the different phones available to map out the best bang for the buck. That’s when I realized the upgrade potential between my 5X and the 6X: +600MHz processor, +1GB RAM, +16GB storage, and +340mAh battery. Is that worth $180? Ehh. Is it worth $150 or less? That’s much closer, especially considering how much gaming I do on my phone.

The Steam list is a bit eclectic, but they are all games that weren’t on sale, not on sale far enough, and/or not out of Early Access yet. No Man’s Sky is a bit odd on there considering how much negative press it has received over the last year, but the last sale had it at $24. If it hits $15, I feel like it’d be an easy decision for a kinda-sorta temporary Minecraft experience. I have certainly made worse purchasing decisions.

Finally, the MMO section is just GW2. There have been a few Heart of Thorns sales for $15 that I have missed, but I feel like we might see a combo deal better than the original $50 set. I’m sure there will be yet another sale for the FFXIV expansion too, although every day I become less and less interested in the supposed great plot in the game. If your call to fame is a great story, but the only way to get to said story is to spam dungeons… yeah. No thanks.

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  1. I bought a PS3 5 years ago and have played games on it I think twice, for less than an hour total. It has been a great blu-ray/streaming device though. I consider from time to time getting a PS4, then remember that it doesn’t really matter just to stream Netflix.


    • Yeah, the PS3 was actually tremendous value at the time for precisely that reason. The PS4 has less going for it, technically speaking, but I do have a boat-load of “free” games from having PS+ for the last several years. Hell, I would have considered a Vita too if their memory cards weren’t still so ridiculous.


  2. I’ve been wondering about getting a playstation. But I should check again to make sure if/which one I need for the only two titles I’m interested in: Journey / Shadow of the Colossus. It’s not easy to justify the price tag for only two games, anyway…..
    Steam is much more evil, since the prices are so low…. you are always tempted to buy “just in case I decide to play it tomorrow”……


    • Journey is pretty short, but I absolutely had one of those magical moments while playing you sometimes hear about on the internet, e.g. another player helping out in all the best ways. I also have SoC and was about 8-9 bosses in before I stopped playing. If Blockbuster was still around, I might even have suggested just renting a PS4 and those two games – Journey can be finished in a day, easy, and SoC would probably be doable within a week. That’s assuming you really don’t want to play any of the other exclusives.


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