Thought Process

“I need to delete some games to free up space on my SSD. Let’s look at Steam.”

“Oh, here’s Civ 6. I tried it for about 10 minutes a few weeks ago, and it didn’t grip me. Why would I want to have to relearn everything from Civ 5? Besides, there are a lot of other, similar games I could be playing instead. This can go.”

“Whoops, I double-clicked on it instead.”

“Whoops, it’s 2am.”

“Whoops, it’s 2am every day this week.”

“I can’t wait for the weekend, so I catch up on my sleep.”

“Sweet, now I can play for 10 hours straight instead of just 5…”

[Fade to Black]

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  1. So… Civ6 is more playable now? Or just hit the right spot for you now?


    • I’m writing a follow-up post, but I actually ended up uninstalling… after ~30 hours.

      I actually enjoyed a lot of the changes they made to the formula – in particular the Wonders taking up their own hex made things more strategic – but my overall hang-ups haven’t changed much since last time. Specifically, the game is a lot of fun when you’re moving units around, and not so much when you aren’t. There is probably DLC out there to give you more things to think about from turn to turn, but I figure that I can replicate the fun of the beginning stages by just playing roguelikes over and over.

      Once the Civ 6 Complete edition starts making the rounds, maybe I’ll take another look.


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