Finally Burned by the Bundle

The Steam Summer sale came to a close a few days ago.

The end actually snuck up on me. I talked about the items on my wishlist before, but what ended up happening is A) I bought State of Decay 2 at full MSRP, B) I bought The Division (Gold) for $18, and C) I bought Conan: Exiles for $18 via two discounts on GMG. There still seemed to be relatively good deals available, but I wanted to spend all my time playing State of Decay 2 recently, and figured that that was worthwhile. Why buy more games than you can immediately play?

That would have been good and all, but… well…


Ugh, curses! CURSES!

Yep, that’s Conan: Exiles as one of the early unlocks for Humble Monthly Bundle.

What’s worse is that I’m pretty done with State of Decay 2, and I’m having very little fun with The Division. I’m level 8 at the moment, and wondering if the rest of the game is going to be basically this the whole time. And so I may have been inclined to boot up Conan next, and yet I could have gotten it for $5 cheaper + a bunch of other games had I waited like two days – GMG doesn’t allow refunds once the code is activated. I could always pause for the month, but the cosmic odds are such that the hidden games are probably going to be more stuff I want. Until it’s actually purchased, of course, and what’s inside is really a dead cat. Quantum physics is truly the biggest troll of them all.

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  1. Ooh! I’ve wanted to try out Conan and A Hat in Time, but didn’t want to pay full price for them :3. Also wondering if they’re games I’ll play for about 2 hours, then put down.


  2. Pity The Division didn’t get you. Still it would be rather entertaining to watch this video, mate


  3. I try to focus on the value a game brings so if I got at least $18 of enjoyment out of something, then the $18 is going to a good cause (rewarding the devs with more money). Helps deal with the inevitable “bigger sale 1 week after purchase” syndrome. Of course, when the product gets uninstalled after a couple of hours that thinking backfires…


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