Black Friday Haul

I spent a grand total of… zero dollars on games this Black Friday.

Looking back, I am oddly comforted by the fact that I missed the $200 PS4 deals. Again. I have no interest in Spiderman, and simply selling the unopened game was asking a lot. The 20% off coupon for PSN stuff was more tempting, as was the $9.99 complete edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn. And all the other implicit PS4 exclusives.

At the end of the day though, I had to ask myself what I would be doing had I purchased it. The answer would be: still playing Fallout 76. So I didn’t.

Also, yes, I saw that just about everyone was selling Fallout 76 for like $35, nine days after release. On Reddit, there were some people saying that Amazon was actually accepting returns on the empty case, but I did not feel $15 was worth the hassle. Besides, I actually like the game, so… you’re welcome, Bethesda.

I guess I did technically buy something though, earlier last week: a Samsung 1TB SSD for $127. I have been juggling hard drive space for ages now, and it has prevented me (on occasion) from playing a game I might have wanted to in that moment, simply because I had uninstalled it to save room. So, I very delicately hooked everything up, moved my Steam installation to the new drive, and promptly started re-installing all the things. Which included ARK (130+GB) and a bunch of other games that are probably bigger in GB than they are in hours of playtime.

If I get a wild hair up my ass to compare Fallout: New Vegas and/or Fallout 4 to my Fallout 76 experiences though, I merely have to click the icons now.

All that said, we’ll see what happens around Christmas. I noted the following prices this past week:

  • Dishonored 2 + Death of Outsider ($21.59)
  • Prey ($13.49)
  • Final Fantasy 15 ($22.49)
  • ARK DLCs ($26.31)
  • Fallout 4 Season Pass ($18.18)
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 ($29.24)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Far Cry 5 discounts weren’t yet good enough to make the list.

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  1. Why is ARK so big?

    And gratz on the new SSD. It is a steal at that price. But then the Russian prices I pay in Steam are better than the rest of the world.


    • Half of it is probably poor optimization, but the other half is probably legit world-size. The default Island is massive, and the free Ragnarok map is just as large. Each of the three DLC have their own maps as well.


  2. Whoa, nice price on that Samsung!
    I ended up spending money on Black Friday (curse Steam and its whishlists!), but it was a reasonable 17 euros. Inside, Antichamber and TIS-100 (spot a theme? :). I’ve only finished Inside and it was 7 very well spent euros…..
    I’ve should have probably bought lots of shiniy new stuff, starting with a tablet to replace my dying Ipad2 mini, but hey, minimalistic lifestyle! :P


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