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As I have begun my homebound tour of baby duty, I have a new appreciation for mobile gaming. Because it is the only gaming I can conceivably complete. While there are only three games in particular that I’m playing at the moment, I’m becoming well acquainted with the specific attributes of each one.


How long it takes from the moment you press the icon until you can start making selections. This probably shouldn’t matter as much because if you’re counting seconds you likely weren’t going to be having a lot of fun to begin with. That said, it became important to me once I realized that it takes Hearthstone 38 seconds to boot up.

Thirty. Eight. Seconds.

That’s just to get to the quest screen, by the way, not actually playing. In contrast, Clash Royale takes 17 seconds and Gems of War takes… huh, 32 seconds. For some reason, Hearthstone seemed more egregious.


How the game reacts to being minimized or otherwise losing focus. This attribute is a bit tough to precisely quantify because apparently it matters for how long the interruption lasts. Sometimes you can minimize to shoot off a text and be fine, and other times the app requires you to log back in.

Hearthstone used to be the worst at this, not only requiring a re-login, but also counting a Dungeon Run as a loss if you minimized in the middle of a boss instead of on the reward screen. As of some patch ago, you can safely minimize without losing progress.

Clash Royale is finicky, but even when there’s the equivalent of a re-log, it’s very brief. Things are significantly different if you are in the middle of a battle though. In some cases you can get back in, but you are generally penalized as “leaving the match.”

Gems of War, in my experience, doesn’t care and will be right back up instantly.

One-Handed Play

Can the game be played with one hand… if you know what I mean. Because you have a baby in the other hand.

Both Hearthstone and Gems of War are perfectly playable with one hand. Both games are basically turn-based, and even if you’re playing a human opponent in Hearthstone, you have a minute and a half to complete your turn.

Clash Royale on the other (one) hand is technically playable, but sometimes entire matches can be decided on pixel-perfect placement of troops at precisely the right moment. So in this respect, I’d say this isn’t a one-handed game.


Pretty standard.




They all have them.

Overall, I will say that Hearthstone’s Dungeon Run modes have been the MVP for me this far. When I said I had no desire to play Dalaran Heist anymore, that was before I got stuck watching a baby for 12+ hours a day. I’m already halfway through beating Chapter 1 heroic mode with every class, and being grateful I have something to do.

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  1. Seems barely worth the frustration, to be perfectly honest. There is some rather good telly out there nowadays…


  2. Time-to-play is the main reason I don’t read most of what I buy on Kindle. For more than fifty years I have almost literally never gone anywhere without a book. I can and do read 500 page novels on ten minute bus rides, two-minute check-out lines and twenty second elevator journeys. I can have the book out of my back pocket or tote bag, opened to the page, a sentence or a paragraph read, then the book returned to its place in far less time than it takes to get the Kindle up and running.

    You’d think electronic data would be faster than ink on paper but you’d be wrong. If I’m not going to be reading for at least a quarter of an hour it never seems worth the trouble to fire the thing up.


  3. How is it taking you 15 seconds to load CR? Even on my older gen iPad and iPhone its around 5-6 seconds. 15 is a LONG ASS time for that game to load. CoC is a second or so longer, but still way way below 15 seconds.

    Overall though I agree on that point that if a game takes a long time to load, even on PC, that’s a huge negative for me.


    • Maybe it loads faster on iOS? I’m currently on an Android phone (Moto G5S) with 4GB RAM, so I don’t know what else to say. Well, other than it always hangs at 50% for a few seconds. If CR actually lets you push “Battle” six seconds after hitting the icon, then I’m jealous.


  4. Mi A1…


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