In/Out of Commission

Kiddo got sick at daycare. Which got us sick. And then kiddo stayed sick enough that we’ve had to keep him from daycare six days and counting. So, that’s been my week.

P.S. Norovirus is no joke. 

P.P.S. Seriously, hand sanitizer doesn’t kill it.

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  1. The best part? You are still paying for those daycare days! Wheee.

    I get a ‘a child in this class has the plague’ emails almost weekly from daycare. Guessing you do as well.


    • Indeed. And this daycare is pricey as fuck too. We’re on a million wait lists to go somewhere else, but it’s either this or burning all your vacation days in the meantime.

      Luckily, the kiddo went back today. Fully expect him to come down with something else eventually… just hopefully not this week.


  2. Bleach from orbit. The only way to be sure.

    My sympathies, sounds like it was quite the week.


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