Idles of March

I am once again experiencing a long stretch of gaming ennui.

Guild Wars 2, which had hitherto commanded a solid portion of my daily gaming allotment, fell off a cliff in the weeks leading into the End of Dragons expansion. There were really three things in play. First, I was beginning to question “the point” of my toil – as good an indication of any that one has shifted from intrinsic to extrinsic motivation. Second, I could not readily commit to which version of the expansion to purchase. This remains a barrier even now, because when I do log in I see items in the Gem Store that are enticing, which suggests I should buy the $80 version of the game (which comes with gems). Surely buying the standard $30 version and then buying gems separately is the worst of all worlds. So… I do nothing.

The third reason was actually recently addressed: I was not certain whether End of Dragons was to be the last GW2 expansion. Who wants to grind things in a “dead” MMO? Well, ArenaNet announced they are working on a fourth expansion. Whether it is coming in 2 years or 4 doesn’t matter so much as that it is coming at all.

Beyond all that, I am actually playing a lot of different games. Not the ones I committed to in December, of course. I completed Undertale, but then hit a wall with SOMA insofar as trying to decide whether I wanted to keep playing with monsters on or off. I (used to) own all of the Silent Hill games and enjoyed all of the Resident Evils through the years, but I’m not a particular fan of the helpless horror genre. Dead Space and Prey? Good. Amnesia and Alien: Isolation? No thanks. The anxiety and thrills feel cheaper than, say, from a roguelike or at the end of a long raid-dance sequence – I either one-shot the area or get killed enough times to abstract the encounter into a puzzle.

In any case, I do not particularly want every post between now and Summer to be an Impressions piece of whatever indie game I take for a spin. So, I have been writing next to nothing. Which is probably worse, on balance. Hmm. This is what I have been playing recently:

  • Black Book
  • FAR: Lone Sails
  • My Friend Pedro
  • Outriders
  • We Happy Few
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Sheltered

That last game, Sheltered, is really a sort of Fallout: Shelter-esque time-waster that nevertheless sucked 6 hours out of me and reignited a burning need to collect random garbage in survival crafting fashion. Unfortunately, I have pretty much played everything in the genre already, and what’s left will remain unpurchased until Epic’s Summer Sale. A mere 50% off doesn’t do it for me anymore: I need 50% + $10 off.

So, that’s my life at the moment. How are you?

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  1. ” I do not particularly want every post between now and Summer to be an Impressions piece of whatever indie game I take for a spin.” – I dunno. It’d work for me as a reader. Also works for me as a blogger ;)

    As a longtime GW2 player, I’d say End of Dragons is some of the best content ANet have put out in over half a decade so if you like GW2 at all you probably ought to try it. I’m always astonished anyone finds anything in the Gem store worth buying – I have enough gold saved up to buy everything in there and I never spend any of it because none of it looks remotely useful or interesting. What did you see that looked worth having?


    • I will likely get to End of Dragons eventually. Part of the problem is that I never got around to starting S5 content. I own it all from logging in during the appropriate times, but I had been spending most of my time trying to complete the big Dragon meta-achievement to get the 32-slot bag. Never did get there (yet), and then I realized that I was missing several S2 episodes that aren’t discounted for whatever reason. Like, if you see a S3 sale, it will discount the final price for each one that you already own. Not so for S2. So that’s 800 gems ($10) right there.

      Aside from the S2 episodes, there are things like more Bank tabs, Shared Inventory slots, Character Slots, and other utility items. I’m not entirely immune to Fashion Wars either – I would have liked picking up that… Weaponmaster Cloak, I think? The Gathering tools would likely be too expensive and fiddly for me to bother with, but if I had infinite dollars, then yeah.


  2. I’ve stayed clear of GW2 for the time being, after being burned with the previous expansion, which I found to be utter garbage and which I dumped in two weeks. For the time being, some WoW raiding and some potato farming in Archeage is enough for me :)


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