World of Guildcraft Wars, Too

World of Warcraft’s next expansion was revealed today, and its theme is… Guild Wars 2.

Sorry. It’s called Dragonflight, deals with helping dragons reclaim their legacy, will “provide a more in-depth open world experience going forward,” and features new dragonriding skill that lets you “defy gravity while using your momentum and skills.” Here is a video of it in motion:

I get that the entire history of WoW is copying other peoples’ homework and all, but something about this is… a bit too on the nose.

Anyway. There were some other items that popped out at me.

Cross-Faction Coming Soon. Technically old news (first revealed in January), it was nevertheless interesting to hear cross-faction grouping being brought up again. While Blizzard is still being ultra-conservative with it – not being able to join guilds is probably going to make organized raiding problematic – cross-faction play of some kind is one of those things that never really made sense not to have in WoW during its heyday. I have had real, non-theoretical conversations with coworkers in the past wherein we (briefly) got excited to learn the other played WoW, only to face the double disappointment of being A) on the wrong server, or B) the wrong faction, or C) both.

If only we knew why it took so long…

…oh, right.

Talent Trees Return. Overrated. It’s mildly interesting that they have a class tree and a spec tree separately, but that is just lampshading the “lack” of a borrowed power system in the expansion.

WotLK Classic. Expected, but nevertheless still hit me in the feels. Everyone has a WoW entry point they feel nostalgic for, and for me it is WotLK… despite my actually starting to play in Burning Crusade. Epic scope, epic music, ground-breaking raiding (in 10m flavors!), and some great guild members relationships. Devs mentioned intentionally leaving out the Dungeon Finder for “social fabric” reasons which, okay, whatever. It will be interesting to see what happens to said fabric when everyone is trying to farm badges for gear.

UI Improvements. This sort of thing might seem minor at first, but not being able to get my screen looking like it did the last time I played WoW ends up being a rather large, subconscious barrier to reentry. Addon Managers can remove some of the tedium, but having a lot of the same functionality within the base UI is more ideal.

Cosmic Plot Intermission. Coming out of the narrative disaster that is Shadowlands, it’s refreshing to see Blizzard basically hitting the pause button. Nothing in the trailer hinted at some kind of Big Bad Guy to face, or that the fate of the world was once again at stake. It’s always possible that that comes later, but the tone is being set early on. Reminds me a bit of Mists of Pandaria minus the faction war.

Everything Else. K.

This is the part of the post where I talk about how I’m intrigued by what Blizzard is doing and will probably resub to see the new content. Probably not this time around.

A pause in the power escalation is necessary, but… I don’t like dragons. Not quite on the level of hate Syp has for elves, but dragons are a solid third place above “It was all a dream” and Time Travel in terms of ire. What possibly interesting story could ever be made concerning dragons? I don’t just mean in Dragonflight, I mean in any fiction. Yes, I watched The Hobbit, played Skyrim and Dragon Age, etc etc. In all cases, dragons could be replaced with an infinitely more interesting colossal beast with no impact to the storytelling. Dragons are flying, hoarding tropes. Vampires? A lot of directions you could take a story. Dragons? Replace it with an eldritch horror of some kind and get a much more engaging tale.

So, yeah. Good luck, have fun.

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  1. I think a reddit comment I came across said it best. Paraphrasing:

    “GW2: Our new expansion is End of Dragons! (Course we all know you’re sick of Elder Dragons by now.)

    WoW: WAIT, can we have all your used dragons at a discount?”

    Dem dragons. They’re like elves. Just can’t get rid of ’em.


  2. I am not too fussed about the copying from gw2 thing. While I do believe they fully copied it, it is also ‘going faster when diving’ and doing a barrel roll. Both hardly unique concepts.

    If they copy from gw2, please get some raptor and beetle action going.

    Cross faction: Not enough imo, needs to be fully open in all aspects, and cross server too. Faction split is out dated, and only used to work due to insane player numbers.

    Talent trees: yawn.
    Wotlk classic: yawn

    UI improvements: Sorely needed, and if I can use an addon or two less to make the game look playable, that will be great.

    Cosmic plot intermission: Big fan of this. Kinda bored with the big bads.

    Everything else: Some really bad (like only 4 of the 8 new dungeons available for m+ at start) but mostly whatever. I’ll buy, cause my friends play, and so far it has been the most sustainable mmo of the bunch in challenging endgame gameplay, but I can not say I am hyped.


  3. > It will be interesting to see what happens to said fabric when everyone is trying to farm badges for gear.

    Without the random daily dungeon, how are you even going to farm them? Looks like they finally “fixed” WotLK and made it impossible to progress without raiding.


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