The Waiting Space

I have been playing a number of games since completing Dark Souls, but none of them are the games I really want to play. Because those games aren’t done yet. And it’s driving me mad.

Coral Island

This is a farming/life-sim game set in a more tropical area. It is currently in Early Access and available via Game Pass. According to the Roadmap it looks like there are updates planned all the way out until Winter of 2023 and then some additional big updates prior to the 1.0 release. One of those updates? The traditional marriage and/or kids additions. I don’t require life-sims to have these features, but if it’s already planned to be available, I also don’t want to miss out and/or have to replay for that content.

My Time at Sandrock

Quasi-sequel to My Time at Portia, which I played for 108 hours and enjoyed quite a bit. A lot of content already out there, but according to the Roadmap, it will be late March/early April before they add the marriage system in. Then late May/early June before they add three additional NPCs into the romance pool. I don’t know any of these NPCs or if I would care about them at all, but… what if I did?


The Mistlands biome has finally came out, but apparently there are more on the way. I have waited almost exactly two years already, so I may as well continue to wait until this one gets done.

Sun Haven

Farming/Life-sim game that is a more fantasy-based Stardew Valley. And it even got a v1.0 release! After checking the patch notes though, I noticed the “Coming Soon!” section which includes, among other things:

  • – More Pets
  • – More Race Specific Dialogue
  • – Having children with your spouse
  • – Farm Buildings (Sheds / Greenhouses)
  • – Proximity Animations
  • – Minor DLCs
  • – Main Story Epilogue


The Planet Crafter | Craftopia | Len’s Island | Sons of the Forest | Traveler’s Rest

All Early Access and none of them discounted. Pass for now.

[Edit] Just kidding, Steam Spring Sale is going on.

Green Hell

Technically on sale and… technically released? Doesn’t have the Early Access tag any more, but most info points to this being in a more Beta state. Green Hell is one that has been on my radar for a while from a survival standpoint. What I have heard is that it is a bit more grindy insofar as you have to take care of your macronutrients rather than just regular Hunger, and you are much more likely to die of random snake or spider bites than other games. Those sort of things are whatever. The biggest damnation though has been talk about how base-building is not really encouraged based on the narrative of the game, which requires you to venture out all across the map. That sort of thing really hampers things, if true.

V Rising | Kynseed

Released but no sale, so… no sale.

[Edit] Just kidding, Steam Spring Sale is going on.

Voidtrain | One Lonely Outpost | Palworld | I Am Future | Under A Rock | Lightyear Frontier | Rooted

None of these are available, even in Early Access. :(

All of this is mostly pointless belly-aching because of course I have a million and a half other games bought and paid for to play. But I want to play these games at the moment. #1stWorldProblems.

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  1. Maybe it’s me, but as of recent, seeing “survival” in the tags of a game is a guarantee don’t buy / don’t wishlist. Maybe I’m unlucky, or maybe I “don’t like the genre”, but I’ve yet to try one supposedly survival game which has actual difficulty instead of being an aggravation simulator. Klei are masters at that….
    Looking at the titles you mention, have you tried Founder’s Fortune? At < 10E now, and development looks dead, so it's not like you can look forward to stuff you risk to miss :P
    You can also probably add The Last Plague: Blight to the list of unreleased games you may want to try (impressive result for a one-man dev team). Personally, I was bored out of my skull in a few hours, just like with Planet Crafter……


    • For survival games, it really depends on what you are looking for. “Actual difficulty” in terms of… possible death around every corner? Food/water being scarce? Never being able to feel comfortable? There are probably at least 2-3 games for each of those categories.

      My own issue with survival games is that I have already played and consumed the ones I like. ARK, 7 Days to Die, Grounded, Subnautica, Starbound, Fallout 76, No Man’s Sky, and so on. Some of those probably wouldn’t be considered “true” survival games, but my definition is more closely aligned with “accumulate resources, build a base, progress.” The base part is important to me, because it justifies the resource accumulation, and is the reason I didn’t like The Forest and Breathedge as much – you could build bases, but they were only really temporarily useful since the “real game” was elsewhere (caves, etc).

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      • I’d say that for me “actual difficulty” means that I need to understand something and solve a problem, but then after it’s solved it STAYS solved. My main problem with this kind of survival games is that you end up solving the same problem once every 10 minutes, interesting at the beginning when I’m learning, aggravating when I have to do it for the millonth time.
        This is why city/base builders tend to grab me for longer: I do the planning and the little meeples do the actual job. In first-person games, it’s me who has to farm the resources one by one… throughout all the game session…. it gets old fast.
        ARK had a nice base building thing, but seriously to build a wood hut you had to eradicate forests…. one axe chop at a time…..


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