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Photo Limbo: Japan Jobs

While my attempt at gainful employment in Japan via the JET Program didn’t pan out, I did spend some time browsing some other openings. One of the practically universal requirements is for you to already live in Japan, which requires a work visa, which requires you to already have a job before coming over, which is a Catch-22 so perfect that Joseph Heller filed a posthumous injunction.

That did not stop me from dreaming though:

I sometimes forget that Mongolia is still a real place.

I obviously picked the wrong career path. And, presumably, gender.

Finally, I was legitimately saddened by this last one:

I’d still do it.

See you Monday.

Well, There is Always That

Remember that real-life interview I had back in February?

The selection process for the 2012 JET Program has now concluded. We regret to inform you that we are not able to offer you a position on the program this year. Please know that this decision is not a reflection on your personal qualifications, but on the nature of the JET Program selection process. As it is ever year, competition was stiff and the available positions were few, and unfortunately, many qualified applicants had to be turned down.

We hope you will reapply for the JET Program in the future and we wish you the best of luck.

So… yeah. Japan is a no-go.

I was a little ashamed that the realities of MMO gaming was a (small) thing I had thought about throughout the whole application process. People clearly play WoW from Australia and endure the cross-Pacific lag and whatnot, but it was a bit daunting to realize the likelihood that you would ever game with the same people again was effectively zero by the time differences alone.

Sure, there is always the chance that someone you hang out with in WoW or wherever can suddenly evaporate. There are dimensions to leaving the country though, that gave me some pause. Would Guild Wars 2 be playable over there? Could I even play Diablo 3’s single-player without lag? In a strange bit of coincidence, EVE was just localized in Japanese a week ago; perhaps it was would have been a sign?

Given those questions, I had not been thinking about upcoming MMO releases or even the current ones all that much. Would you even want to play a new MMO if you knew – for sure – you’d have to give it up in 2 months? Now that I know I will be sticking around, I suppose it is time to start looking towards a much more predictable future. A future that includes a lot more gaming than I necessarily expected.

And alcohol. Lots of alcohol.