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Photo Limbo: Japan Jobs

While my attempt at gainful employment in Japan via the JET Program didn’t pan out, I did spend some time browsing some other openings. One of the practically universal requirements is for you to already live in Japan, which requires a work visa, which requires you to already have a job before coming over, which is a Catch-22 so perfect that Joseph Heller filed a posthumous injunction.

That did not stop me from dreaming though:

I sometimes forget that Mongolia is still a real place.

I obviously picked the wrong career path. And, presumably, gender.

Finally, I was legitimately saddened by this last one:

I’d still do it.

See you Monday.

Photo Limbo: GW2

I take a lot of screenshots when playing games, and most are deleted. Of the ones that survive, a few end up being Photoshopped and added into posts. The remainder? Consigned to Photo Limbo. Until now that I need some filler while on vacation

Oh Gravekeeper Dumpy, never change.

Start’em young.

Better reserve XxArthasDKlolxX while you can.

Speaking of names, “Azuriel” and about 15 semi-random variations were taken when I was playing the beta. As you can see here, the secret is that GW2 allows spaces. While other games have done this before (including GW1, I believe), let me reiterate how awesome that is. Clearly it can be abused, but it’s nice to be able to actually take the name you want by simply adding a last name to your character.

And finally:

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

This is why I don’t make male characters.