MoP Thus Far

It has been weeks, and I just hit level 88 on the paladin.

I have established a pretty stable routine based on daily profession cooldowns, which is a good sign to anyone that wishes me to continue logging in everyday. Scribe, Tailor, and then JC/Alchemy. I mentioned before that the AH on Auchindoun-US is pretty garbage, and things have not especially improved since that first impression. Instead, I have adapted. Glyphs, for example, were a market I avoided previously because the value for my time just was not there with the botting and the undercut wars. Now? The competition is basically one baron with a 699g fallback that I undercut by 100-200g depending on my mood. In fact, since I’m just using Auctionator instead of a more robust addon, I simply order all glyphs by highest price and use that as my guide for production.

By the way, many virtual tears were shed when I realized how utterly useless my 50 stacks of banked Twilight Jasmine and hundreds of other Cataclysm herbs became. The two dozen stacks of Pyrite Ore got prospected into gems which turned into rings which turned into nicely priced Enchanting materials. Blackfallow Ink, though? Good for only a single glyph… and Mysterious Fortune Cards. Better than vendoring the herbs, I suppose. I hope.

Something I always find interesting is how much Blizzard changes the paradigms with each expansion. After two straight expansions of alt-friendliness, Mists is the most alt-unfriendly expansion I have ever seen. The whole Spirit of Harmony thing in particular is maddening as someone with alts of every profession. Specialized crafting components being BoP is nothing new (Frozen Orbs say hi), but what is somewhat new is how early in the process they are required for goods. Level 85 blue Blacksmithing weapons requiring 2 Spirits at skill level 545? Why?

Speaking of crafting, I don’t know how I feel about its present trajectory. Blizzard has been simplifying the process for years, of course, but my return after a 1.5-year break makes the culmination stand out. Specifically: do people really like random-stat crafted gear? Or how Ghost Iron is basically the de facto resource for all Blacksmithing? Or completely interchangeable Enchanting ingredients? Some historical aspects of crafting were becoming increasingly obtuse as the game aged – Enchanting rods come to mind – but there is something to be said about requiring more than two moving parts and/or working towards a specific item. Hell, I was immensely relieved when I saw the level 90 crafted JC rings/necklaces were specific things with concrete stats.

Anyway, my immediate goal is to get the paladin to 90 so that I can unlock the farm. While that sentence was a bit depressing to type, it is more painful to me knowing that while I make it a point to log in daily for the profession cooldowns, I am continuously missing all the easy Spirits of Harmony (etc) that I could be gaining while I putz around looking for a new main. I have not tanked on the paladin yet – part of me rebels against the necessity of memorizing yet more mob/boss abilities – but I am definitely not a real fan of the Retribution rotation/kit anymore. At least compared to how fun/fast I was mowing down mobs as the warrior anyway.

Although… well, I did have a bit of a giggle Bubble-Hearthing away from two separate gank attempts. Just like old (TBC)  times.

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  1. I unlocked my farm at 86, though most of the dailies require 90.

    Spirits are a bit of a boondoggle. The problem is that the motes have an abysmal drop chance from sub-90 mobs. I want to make an inscribed fan for my priest, but it requires a spirit, so i have to level my scribe–most of the way through the jade forest and I have 5 motes… This seems like one of those things that got past the radar, like Forest Hozen being impossible to reach exalted without guild rep boost.

    Crafting in general is ok though. I like the simplicity, and no fixed stats means I can make a recipe over and over until I get something I want. I also like the interchangeability of enchanting mats, as it means you don’t have a glut of any particular mat. I will say that as a JC/Enchanter, I have pretty much zero use for spirits. It would be nice if some of the more absurd enchants had alternatives that used spirits in place of other mats. Or maybe an option to turn 3 spirits into a Sha crystal…something to make them of any use.


    • Yeah, unlocking the actual farm is easy, but you cannot plant any of the special crops until you’re 90 and maxing out Tiller rep. I have been stockpiling Cooking mats in the meantime.


      • Ah yes, the special crops. I forgot those. It’s made me wonder if they shouldn’t have kept the farm to cooking ingredients only.


      • The farm is the easiest way to get 16 motes of harmony per day (at exalted). You can start planting Songbells at revered, for 12/day.


  2. Yes, MoP is very alt-unfriendly, with too much stuff requiring level 90 and/or maxxed reputation (=> lame daily quests). The result for me is that I’ve not bothered leveling alts and I play other MMOs. If Blizzard does not want this to be the result they better “fix” their design. It’s not like I risk running out of alternate games anytime soon….


  3. “Blackfallow Ink, though? Good for only a single glyph… and Mysterious Fortune Cards.”

    Players had 1+ month to convert the blackfallow inks into other inks. MFCs sell on my realm. Fortune cookies used to be very popular but now the +90 stat gain is largely irrelevant compared to easily available +250 (and the option of +275 and +300). Of course you missed that 1+ month since you didn’t play back then, but come on that’s not something Blizzard can take into account.

    I have nothing to add about alts. Valid, accurate points there.

    Now, just get one character to 90 and stick with that one. Which one is it going to be? You’re not sure on your paladin. What class would you enjoy most? Can you decide on this now?

    To answer this question it is why I played the PTR. I couldn’t have known the class I was going to stick with was going to be weak on certain fights in raids though, and I surely did not play any PvP to know my class was strong there. So strong, they cannot buff us in PvE because it would influence PvP.

    The problem with alts is also related to something else: the daily quests. It isn’t fun to do something repetive unless it isn’t the same all the time. A raid is mostly the same, but RNG meddles with this. Daily quests there RNG is in which daily quest is the daily and that’s about it. If everyone would boycot daily quests, they’d be abolished, but there’s more than enough monkeys grinding them that you’re forced to catch up with them even if you play only semi hardcore.


    • Of course you missed that 1+ month since you didn’t play back then, but come on that’s not something Blizzard can take into account.

      What Blizzard can “take into account” is the fact that there are 125 Glyphs that take Ink of the Sea to craft. Blackfallow Ink has one (1). Why?

      It’s fine to have the mats spread across all the levels, but why would they cluster so many up on Wrath-level herbs yet leap-frog Cata herbs? The upselling was something they did with Ink of the Sea too, back in the day, so that’s not a valid excuse.


      • First some inscription history. Inscription was introduced in WotLK as a means to have a profession creating glyphs. Together with redesigned talent trees Blizz redesigned the glyph system in Cata. Both of these redesigns were a failure and the two are linked closely to each other so Blizz completely overhauled the talent tree and glyph system once again in MoP. While designing MoP Blizz figured the reason they can’t merge the major glyph system with the talent tree system was because else the inscription profession would be irrelevant. In short, the very prime glyphs being introduced in Cata were removed in MoP. It makes sense there’s not many -if any- glyphs available to be made. The one I was able to find (colossus smash) changes an ability introduced in Cata. Yes, there are also new glyphs introduced in MoP, but you need new glyphs for MoP part of inscription profession (525-600).

        The reason why it is OK in the MoP redesign there’s only 1 glyph for Cata is because in Cata as a scribe you did -if you were playing smart and cared about volume- not earn gold with glyphs. You earned gold with MFCs. By releasing MoP the value of the MFCs has not decreased one iota. The RNG output (vendor gold) on it is exactly the same. Stick with the MFCs, but instead of baking them into fortune cookies (which gave players +90 stat _and_ a chance to get gold therefore in Cata were very good investment for raiders!! This demand is now non-existent), either flip them yourself or sell them to someone who’s up for a fruit machine.

        On top of that keep in mind these MFCs were introduced as alternative to the casino games and the AH written note scheme. Yours truly has both earned hundreds of thousands of gold with above inscription scheme (it was my core business in during Cata), and had in WotLK a friend banned for using such a “scam” scheme. To be precise it was the AH note scheme one though without lying about the amount written on the notes. (Its a bit more complicated because he withdrew all the notes at some point because of the amount of expensive notes still on AH but that is not why he received a warning on the account; Blizz doesn’t look at those details.) Ever since I’ve reported others for following any of such scam schemes. They’re not following the ToS, and they were competitors. They’re also used for money laundering by the Chinese. While the supply of the Cata herbs is drying up, the profit a scribe can make from MFCs is still the same as I have established before. On top of that as I have explained in this paragraph MFCs are still a valuable meta-game. They are still being traded on my high pop realm.

        Another thing you can dump your blackfallow inks into is the daily forged documents quest but it isn’t something you can grind in a short amount of time.

        I know my posts are long, I like to elaborate. TL;DR is in bold.


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