Looking Towards the 5.2 Changes

There are a lot of changes coming in 5.2. Here are the ones I’m keeping an eye on:


  • “Work orders will pour into the farm from factions across Pandaria, and completing a work order will earn a reputation boost with the issuing faction.”
  • “You can now earn bonus reputation for your first dungeon and scenario of the day. You can select which reputation you choose to champion by selecting it from the reputation panel on the character screen.”

The above two items have mentally freed me from the self-imposed shackles of dailies, for the time being. Up to this point, my time in WoW has been 100% consumed by dailies – Golden Lotus, Cloud Serpent, Tillers, Anglers, Klaxxi, Shieldwall. Even the days when I ignored Golden Lotus (no real rewards for them or any linked reps for Alch/JC), I still found 2-3 hour play sessions evaporate with nothing accomplished other than rep bar movement. I was back on the Golden Lotus horse due to the lure of the Commendation (I’d love for my tailor alt to get the 28-slot bag eventually), but the day I read these patch notes is the day I stopped feeling like it was required every single day.

There is not any indication to how much reputation is earned with either method, but assuming it is larger than 500, I feel comfortable in focusing more on alts than hitting reputation milestones on the main.


  • Heroic Pandaria dungeons now award 100 Justice Points per boss.
  • Scenarios now award 50 Justice Points, up from 25.
  • The cost of Valor Point gear introduced in patch 5.0 has been reduced by 50%.
  • The cost of Valor Point gear introduced in patch 5.1 has been reduced by 25%.
  • The ethereals that offered to upgrade items using Valor or Justice Points have departed Azeroth for the moment.

The big question mark here is whether the current Valor items will still cost Valor in 5.2. It seems a pretty straight-forward answer at first – “Yes, of course” – but look at the implication here. If you have 1200 VP heading into 5.2, chances are that that 1200 VP turns into 1200 JP and then… what? You buy upgraded heirlooms? It is great that Blizzard is actually putting in sources of Justice for people that want heirlooms, but what else are JP good for? I don’t think I have ever seen a patch transition in which the current currency is downgraded but then you need to re-grind the new currency to buy shit you had access to the day before.

On the other hand, one of my guildies was skeptical that Blizzard would reduce reputation gear costs by 50% plus add in the 100 JP/boss gain plus make rep gear purchasable with Justice. And how many new Valor pieces are going to be introduced anyway?

Hopefully there will be some clarification on this issue before the patch.


  • Conquest gear no longer has rating requirements.
  • Highest tier PvP items are unlocked after 27,000 CP are earned in a season.
  • Weapons that require the 27k CP unlock have said requirement removed inbetween seasons (i.e. in 5.3).
  • Honor weapons are back.
  • Your CP cap for the week is increased by 1,000 for each week you haven’t been hitting the cap.
  • The losers in an Rated BG gain Conquest based on score; close games can award up to 200 CP.

It is difficult to even imagine a coherent complaint about this fairly radical paradigm shift. Blizzard locking weapons behind rating walls was a mistake when they first made it in Season 3, and it has been a mistake every season since. The straw that finally broke my four-year subscription back was when my warlock alt maxed out on non-rating Arena gear; I was permanently “done” with that character’s progression, unless I bribed someone to boost me past the glass ceiling. While I would not look forward to 15+ weeks of Conquest caps from BGs and 2v2 anymore, at least there is no longer a brick wall at the end.

Overall, pretty exciting changes. I’m not following the new raid information particularly closely, because A) there doesn’t seem to be much news out there, and B) it is kind of a moot point for me outside of LFR. And speaking of LFR, I finished all of the available ones; impressions will have to wait for another post.

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  1. I must say, I don’t like these rep changes. They make worse an already poor reputation system by trivializing even further. Do you think reputation really should work like that? I wrote about it a few months ago here: http://casualnoob.blogspot.com/2012/10/reputation.html


  2. The big question mark here is whether the current Valor items will still cost Valor in 5.2. It seems a pretty straight-forward answer at first – “Yes, of course” – but look at the implication here. If you have 1200 VP heading into 5.2, chances are that that 1200 VP turns into 1200 JP and then… what?

    This is a spurious concern. The only time that Blizzard has ever downconverted valor>justice is across expansions, not across patches. It didn’t happen in 5.1, why on earth would you think it would now? The reason Blizzard is upping the justice gain from heroics is to help players finance the conversion of old heirlooms to the newer higher level heirlooms. No other reason and certainly no need for this style of tinfoil hat conspiracy, and definitely no need for clarification on their part; the patch notes are plenty transparent.


    • The only time that Blizzard has ever downconverted valor>justice is across expansions, not across patches.

      Blizzard downconverted Valor in patches 4.2 and 4.3, and technically did so all throughout Wrath (in what can be considered the Valor equivalent of that time). It is a fair point that Valor wasn’t downconverted in 5.1, although there wasn’t any new raid content that tier either. Maybe the rep wall on the 5.2 gear will be enough to deter people pooling 3k VP before the patch. Historically though, Blizzard has absolutely taken step to dissuade people from pooling current tier currency for use next tier.


  3. Oh Blizzard, still trying to please everybody. It seems like in every single patch the “welfare” loot system gets more and more convoluted. It’s like they’re designing a tax code or something.

    I’m so, so happy that I’m going to be able to get reputation from dungeons again. I don’t even care how slow it is; it means that I will eventually have access to gear that would otherwise be locked behind content I have no interest in doing.


  4. Rep – Kinda sad they caved here. Rep was supposed to be something that required some extra time/effort, but now it’s just going to be automatically gained along with whatever you were doing anyway. Honestly, all they had to do was kick the whole GL gating SP/AC thing, and then let the hardcore whine. They’ll eventually learn that the game isn’t going to be designed around them apparently having no awareness of cost and benefit.

    Valor/Justice – Justice is still useless, so those changes aren’t that exciting. Maybe we’ll be able to one day mail heirlooms across servers. I wouldn’t worry about them downconverting valor though, since they aren’t putting the old gear on justice, and the new gear is locked behind reps.

    PVP – You know, back in BC I thought it was the dumbest thing when they put rating requirements on gear. It took them 6 years, but they’ve finally learned that one. Honor weapons will be a nice boon for alts.


    • I would say that rep still requires quite a bit of time and effort, what they did is change WHICH effort it takes. Dailies are the most dumb solution of all, honestly……


      • Championing via tabards or the new system literally takes no effort, since most people run dungeons anyway for gear or valor points. The farm may be a little bit more if you neglect yours–most people probably run their farms normally though. It will still take time, but will become just another time-gate requiring no extra effort on anyone’s part, just like the tabards.

        I understand that people don’t like dailies, I guess because they don’t like quests. I’m not sure what else could be done though. Back in Vanilla reps were usually done via a repeatable turn in, or attached to a raid. I’m not sure anyone would like these better–the repeatable turn ins aren’t any better than dailies, while raid reps exclude those who don’t raid. I like grinding reps, so it annoys me when I must have 9 others along to do it.

        It’s something Blizzard probably ought to brainstorm on.


      • I think people dislike dailies because of the sensation that results when you miss a day. There was a blue post a little while ago that attempted to push back on the concept – if you are 4 days away from Revered, you don’t become 5 days away if you skip doing dailies – but psychologically it is probably irrelevant. Turn-ins and raid rep are considerably less fun, I agree, although you generally have a better sense of ownership over your rate of acquisition.


  5. Once 5.2 drops there will be little reason to farm the old reps. Sunreavers and Domination Point (or their Alliance equivalents) offer higher level gear. Plus LFR drop rates in the old tiers is getting a boost.

    Rep farming is purely for the completionists, as it should be…


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