Falling Pianos

Ever get the feeling that things are going too good? That there is no way your luck is that amazing, and thus you are inevitably due for some bad times? I am not normally this way, but… well:



I have killed Kael exactly one time before last night, back when Wrath first came out. I was not even going to go to Tempest Keep originally; after clearing Black Temple out solo for some transmog items, I decided that Alar’s axe and Kael’s sword might look interesting. As I was swimming around during the gravity phase, I thought to myself how funny it would be if the Ashes dropped. And it did. And I am finding it more frightening than funny.

The only other two mounts in WoW I have ever wanted are the Reins of the Raven Lord and the Ultramarine Bug mount from Archeology. Based on my luck thus far, I should probably start running heroic Sethekk Halls and doing some more Arch before I get struck by lightning meteor shark bees.

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  1. I officially hate you.
    Not that I ever farmed that mount, the drop % is enough to discourage me, but I still hate you for getting the most beautiful mount in the game :)


  2. I had one glorious day like that. I had been farming Magister’s Terrace solo at level 80, but there was a specific combination of adds on the arena-like fight that was chewing me up, so I decided to leave the zone for 30 minutes (which respawns the adds). On a lark, I went to old Zul Gurub, which I had raided extensively back in the day but had never tried solo. I spent over seventeen minutes kiting Mandokir… and he dropped the raptor. I didn’t even really want the white chicken after that, but I figured it was a waste to leave a mostly cleared Magister’s Terrace instance open, so I went back… and got the white Chicken too.

    Ironically, I never got the phoenix minipet, which was more common, and now I’m wondering if I should go back for the sake of battle pet completionism.


    • You can buy that pet on AH. Shouldn’t be expensive. People who have it more than once can put it in a cage and sell it on any AH on that region. I myself had that pet on 8 characters. Raven Lord too. I loved them both, a lot. Never cared much for White Chicken. I remember passing on it. Tho I loved the Orb as well. A lot.


  3. Congratulations! Time to sell your account while you can. :)

    Raven Lord doesn’t require druid anymore and drop chance is higher than 1%. Considered the Alysrazor one? Should be soloable. Theme-wise it goes great with A’lar, and the Ragnaros mount.


    • I took a screenshot the other day, of me sitting on Al’ar next to someone with the Alysrazor mount; theirs seemed more visually interesting, although I recognize that Al’ar is more rare.

      The ultimate irony (or salt in the wounds of people farming Al’ar), is that I am not a huge mount person. I “only” had 54 mounts before this (playing since TBC), and used the Red Disk one up to this point because it was the smallest, least “contrails in your face” mount I had. Total 180 degree shift with Al’ar, let me tell you.


      • In my previous guild 2 real-life friends were doing TK. A’lar dropped. The fellow who won it quit WoW a week later. When he came back a year later, inside jokes build around the event.

        I never considered myself a mount collector in the quantity field. Rarely did I like a mount, but if I really liked a mount, I allowed myself to put effort into it (e.g. Ragnaros mount which I farmed). With Ragnaros, we farmed as a group, at least 12 (? lost count) people got their mount in our group.

        I’m also fond of 2 seater mount, as well mount which makes you turn into that mount (such as sandstone drake). There’s a lot of fun things you can do with it as shadow priest (dispersion means there’s no artwork at all, and your apparitions become drakes if you mount after combat with SW:P still up!).

        In the end, Sandstone Drake is my favorite on my main. If I can still call it my main, because I don’t play WoW anymore (I will resubscribe every once in a while).


  4. Shark bees!! Run run!!!


  5. I hate you Az. That is all.
    That being said, I don’t really have a good reason seeing as I have never tried for the mount.


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