Gold-Making in MoP

I had a guild member ask me what I have been up to so far on the AH side of things, and I figured I may as well share here too.

The backbone of my routine is/was the Saronite Elementium Ghost Iron Shuffle. Basically, you buy stacks of Ghost Iron Ore at X gold, then through Prospecting/Alchemy/Enchanting/etc you turn it into a product worth X+Y gold. Every realm/faction market is different, so individual research will be needed to find the values for X and Y. Right now, for example, I buy Ghost Iron Ore at 4g apiece (and below). This ore ends up being:

  • Smelted into Ghost Iron Bars –> Transmuted into Trillium Bars –> Transmuted into Living Steel
  • Prospected –> Rare gems cut for >60g minimum
  • Prospected –> Uncommon gems turned into necks/rings –> Rare necks/rings procs sold for 300g, uncommon necks/rings Disenchanted for Dust
  • Disenchanted Dust –> Enchanting scrolls and/or sold for mats

After a while, I started getting exceedingly lazy and stopped prospecting altogether. Instead, I keep an eye on the Golden Lotus market and snatch any up that are 50g or less. From there, I keep ~5 of each flask up on the AH and then Transmute the rest into Rare gems which I cut and sell for a minimum of 60g, but generally 100g+. This probably lowers my margins significantly, but once I made it back up to my 300k starting gold reserves (even after gambling ~100k on Darkmoon trinkets), relisting hundreds of auctions a day becomes less and less interesting.

One market I was surprised to find was the Ghost Iron Dragonling. While most Engineers will be dumping a bunch on their way up to 600, what I have found is that in 99% of the cases they list them without bothering to fill in the Cog sockets. Considering the item is damn near useless without them – and taking a cue from someone spamming trade chat for an Engineer to make some – I started selling mine with a variety of useful Cogs already slotted in; configurations like Haste/Mastery/Spirit, Haste/Crit/Mastery, Hit/Expertise/Dodge, and so on. Remarkably, they continue to sell at an absurd mark-up: 750g apiece compared to the empty ~200g models.

Presently, I am buying up a bunch of Ghost Iron Ore again, in preparation for the new Blacksmith changes coming in 5.2, and the whole Lightning Steel Ingot deal. I am somewhat doubtful that the price of ore will jump up in the long-term on my particular backwater server, but I figure I may as well start stockpiling now. In fact, it is far more likely that my server will experience a lack of availability than a lack of affordable goods. Until a week ago, you could not find Blood Spirits at any price, for example.

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  1. 4g per ore? How much can you sell the living steel for? On my realm ore rarely rises as high as 2g.


    • Living Steel usually goes for ~600g. I bought a bunch yesterday at 450g, which is less than the cost of the Ghost Iron; someone clearly is lowballing their Xmute Mastery procs.

      Ugh, 2g apiece? Truely? Depending on prospecting yield, I imagine you could almost turn the gems into necks/rings and vendor them for a profit.


      • Yes, dust goes for about 1g50s. Vendoring green rings is better then disenchanting them.

        Living steel is like 300 – 350g but I hope the next patch will increase its demand.

        I also wonder if I should stockpile sha crystals as they go for less than 200g at some times. Then, on the other side, if fucked up twice during my wow career with stockpiling enchanting crystals…


  2. The price of goods tends to fall asymptotically as the market size rises, so small realms are in general more expensive than large realms (by market value).

    You can see this very clearly in the figures for Trillium Bars here: (scroll down to EU Markets Chart)


  3. I’ve been farming up ghost iron,literally via the farm, to make into living steel. Can’t do anything with the steel so I just sell it when the price is above 400. Not sure if farming via the farm is slower or faster than out in the world, but it seems easier.

    I haven’t yet made any money with JC though. Sometimes I get kyparite from the farm, so I’ve taken to prospecting that and using ghost iron for transmutes. I have sold a few metas.

    Overall my gold making strategy is just to live like a cheapskate and therefore not have to work too hard at it. It mirrors real life in many ways.


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