Japan and Gen Con

So, have an uncharacteristic amount of shenanigans going on soon.

First, a week from now I will be in Japan for ~14 days. The last time I was over there was back in 2005 during a college exchange program, so this will be quite interesting going back. I would not expect a lot of updates for those two weeks, but you never know. Beyond the normal touristy schtick around Tokyo, I do plan on stopping by things like the Ghibli Museum. If you have recommendations of similar attractions that might be interesting given the scope of this site, feel free to let me know.

Second, and possibly more relevant to our mutual interests, I will be at Gen Con 2014 this August. I’ll actually be hanging with my ex-WoW crew the majority of the time, but if you are going and would like to share an awkward greeting IRL, I’m game. And speaking of games, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to Gen Con; the event registration page is about the most unfriendly UI I have ever seen. So if you know of interesting panels or whatever that I should check out, let me know. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time to manually browse 1558 board game events.

Oh, and I guess Blizzard is releasing the Naxx expansion to Hearthstone two days before my flight. Fun times.

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  1. Funny, that was exactly the same time I was there, too, for the same reasons. I went back for two weeks 2.5 years ago, enough time to make sure that it wasn’t (only) nostalgia that made me love the country. Especially Tokyo.

    Enjoy! I’ll promise I’ll only be envious a very little bit.


    • Oh yeah, and about things to do: I can’t think of much… maybe the Sony building if you happen to visit Ginza?

      But if you’re in Akihabara anyway (you will be, right?), stop by Kyushu Jangara. They are a small chain and have other shops across Tokyo, but the one in Akihabara is great for its atmosphere: tiny, simple wooden interior, almost always a queue, and some of the best Kyushu style ramen I’ve ever eaten.


    • Hey, you can’t leave out the conclusion to your story! Was it nostalgia?

      That’s kinda my biggest fear insofar as I’ve put a lot of my life on hold these last four years in the off-chance I was selected to do the JET/Master’s program thing. If I get over there and I realize that I’ve “grown out of it,” I will be pretty disappointed.


      • Oh… I just realized that I rephrased that sentence one time to often. What I wanted to say was that it was 6 years between the visits. I had been worried that I just was nostalgic for my student time, but I realized that I still liked the country.
        Of course, now, 2.5 years later, there is the chance that I might have “outgrown”, as you put it, the country, but I’m interested enough in trying that out that I might look for a job that makes me spend at least a significant time in Japan.


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