Resisting Draenor

I will not be playing Warlords of Draenor… today. Or tomorrow, most likely.

As someone inbetween games and experiencing some ennui besides, the pull of an expansion to an MMO I actually enjoyed playing is quite strong. This is despite, or perhaps in spite of, the fact I do not believe I have any interest in learning the songs and dances of new dungeons/raids. I do not want to force strangers to carry me through boss fights and I don’t want to spend time watching videos beforehand, so… yeah. Bit of a Catch-22 there.

I do miss WoW PvP something fierce though. As an Alliance character I really shouldn’t, but as I may have mentioned before, I can derive pleasure from even a brutal loss as long as I get the opportunity to be annoying to the enemy for X amount of time. There was one WSG match I still remember in which two guys chased my shaman healer across the map for the entire 15 minute duration; this was sometime around when Ghost Wolf was changed so shaman couldn’t be snared below 100%, I believe. We lost 0-3, but they couldn’t kill me so I felt like a winner anyway.

In any case, my present gameplan is to bide my time with a mountain of readily available distractions and wait for the first Warlords price drop. It seems rather unlikely to occur over Black Friday, but stranger things have happened.

A friend even offered to buy me the box, but that isn’t the point here. “It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message” and all that. Or it’s simply some kind of personal neurosis that expresses itself in wanting to avoid full retail price at all costs. Either/or.

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  1. I bought Mists for full price a few weeks after it launched. Then for black friday not a month later they discounted it 50%. Well played Blizzard, but lesson learned for me.

    Granted, they might not do the same thing again.


  2. Yeah, and by that time it may even be playable. I had planned a 24-hour full-time rush, but when it’s 1 min/mob due to the lag, the plan was scrapped. Today all servers are down (which in the end makes no difference with ‘unplayable servers’)….
    Your idea of a late start is probably good :)
    I’m waiting to see how the garrison mission system holds against something like the Duty Officer minigame of STO, as some ideas seem to be similar.


  3. The only suck about not getting into an MMO expac at launch is the excitement of experiencing all the shiny new stuff at the same time as your game playing buddies. On the other hand, if that’s not a problem, Dragon Age:Inquisition is a couple days away and looks to have most of the hooks of an MMO experience.


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