About that Projector

Pulled the trigger:

Oh my.

Oh my.

I took the above picture in HDR mode, which is why the screen seems a bit washed out and you can see the rest of my room. Indeed, as you can probably tell, I have yet to properly prepare the space. Once the remaining items filter in from Amazon, I’ll do a full write-up on my setup in the off-chance someone else wants to avoid doing the weeks of superfluous research I endured.

For the record though, the projector is a Favi HD-LED-4T, which I bought new off of eBay for $230.

And that’s an 8-foot diagonal screen.

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  1. Cool beans. I’d be interested in what you think a few weeks after you’re all set up. Curious about the upscaling (my guess is its 720p at that price range) and how the you like the contrast + brightness for your use.

    For that price, there’s a lot I could live with :)


  2. Awesome. Got to love a 96″ screen!!

    What are you going to do for sound?


    • I went and ordered a $100 5.1 speaker set. Not top of the line, of course, but decent reviews and I’m in an apartment anyway. Should get everything by Wednesday.


  3. It doesn’t look too bad. I am curious to see what some emulated stuff would look like on it. GIANT PIXELS, PLEASE!


    • I’m waiting on an HDMI-to-Mini-HDMI cable before I can hook up my computer (560ti is older than I thought), but I think I might have some cords to plug in my PSP, now that I think about it. Hmm.

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