FFXIV Impressions: Beginning

Amazing opening cinematic? Check. Playing for two hours without entering combat once? Check. Playing a Final Fantasy game: confirmed.


Fantastic skyboxes.

I had bought FFXIV ages ago for $15 in some sale or another, and had ostensibly been waiting for a good time for me and a friend to jump in together. The GTA 5 brouhaha, however, gave me an impetus to clear hard drive space and I didn’t want to redownload FFXIV again. So I channeled my inner Shia LaBeouf and just did it.

The first thing I encountered (after the lovely character generation screen) was the inability to create a character on Hyperion. Apparently when there are a lot of people logged onto a given server, Square Enix just shuts down character generation for a while. There are websites to keep track of this sort of thing, but they are only updated every couple of hours. In digging around, it appears this issue is related to the fact that FFXIV does not boot you for being AFK. Like ever, apparently. Leave the game running for 10 hours while AFK? You keep your spot. Game has been out for three years, right? Don’t know if this is a Japanese thing or what.

[Fake edit:] Apparently they finally added an auto-AFK logout in the recent expansion.

Characters with fully-rendered panties seen through basic armor, though? Definitely a Japanese thing. And technically Korean too, but who’s counting.


Total accident in character design, I’m sure.

I ended up creating two four characters, as given how every character can be every class, the most important decision you can make is deciding on a look. And, bizarrely, this made character creation almost more difficult for me. If you don’t like playing a Druid in WoW, create a new toon. If you don’t like playing a cat-person in FFXIV though… good luck, as you’d need to do everything all over again.

I’m assuming there is a way to pay money to change it.

In any case, I stuck with human, because as nice as the Miqo’te look, I’m not terribly convinced that the tails won’t look goofy in endgame gear. Or any gear, really. Still kinda gun-shy with tails after sticking with my namesake draenei in WoW for nearly a decade and basically having 100% of all cloaks look dumb. Plus, apparently the Miqo’te are the spiritual Blood Elf equivalent in FFXIV, so there’s that. I almost stuck with Lalafell for the lol’s, but it was actually the running animation that nixed it for me. Playing a gigantic Roegadyn healer briefly crossed my mind as amusing, but my human (or “Hyur”) was already an Arcanist, and that seemed silly.

Further impressions to come.

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  1. The auto-logout when AFK only lasted for a couple months after the expansion was released, then they disabled it again. I guess SE doesn’t mind having people AFK everywhere…


  2. I’m guessing that the process of logging people in and out of the game is somehow more costly for the servers than just keeping them in game and updating chat and whatever else. You can see the effects of this when you get disconnected during prime time. When you try to reconnect, you get a message saying “You are already logged in. Please wait a few minutes.” which is… absolutely ridiculous.

    Regarding tails and gear, you are spot on, of course. Google “ffxiv tail boner” to get an idea (http://imgur.com/f2FxNIB).

    Changing some aesthetic choices like hair, tattoos, etc can be done in game for a few gils. To change race, facial structure, voice, etc. you need a “fantasia”, which you buy with $, use in game, then make your changes after logging out. You get a free fantasia after paying for your first 30 days of subscription. After that, they cost 10 USD, I think.

    So, what server did you end up in?


    • I did end up on Hyperion after waiting until around 1am for it to open up. Normally I don’t care which server as long as it wasn’t dead, but Hyperion is one on which I know some former guildies play. Or played, as the case may be. Oh well.


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