Since I “saved” the $50 from not buying the 50-pack deal in Hearthstone, I turned around and pre-purchased Overwatch. In fact, I just got off a four-hour semi-open Beta session with some ex-WoW buddies as I write this. All the maps are open this time around, so things are pretty interesting.

Even more interesting though, was the trailer for Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 3:

I can’t even really begin to elucidate why the 40k setting grips me so. All I know is that spent 200+ hours playing Dark Crusade, and I’ve been missing that feeling since… well, Dark Crusade. Dawn of War 2 took the series away from RTS and more into a tactical direction, which is not something that it really needed. Now? It’s going back. It’s going home.

Exciting times, my friends.

Plus, you know, there will be information about the next Battlefield game this Friday. Battlefield Hardline was such an epic failure, that only a proper BF5 (or even BF 2142 sequel) could wipe away. If we see something like that and all this grimdark 40k business? I won’t know what to do with myself. Other than actually look forward to game releases again.

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  1. Ctmurfy#1990 if you need a friend. I play hard but don’t tryhard.


  2. So you would recommend getting Dawn of War 1 but not Dawn of War 2?


    • It depends on what kind of gaming you like. Have you ever played Starcraft or Command & Conquer? DoW 1 (+expansions) plays like those, except deliciously grimdark. DoW 2 (+expansions) plays more like those rare missions when you only control a hero unit and a few squads and have to shepherd them around a map. In other words, way, way more scripted, with explosive barrels, convenient cover, and so on. So… it can kinda be fun, but I much prefer the wild, emergent gameplay that comes with base-building and the like in the original DoW. Especially in the 40k setting.


  3. Got excited about the trailer, then remembered that I think I like the IDEA of DoW more than the actual games. For some reason they just feel a little off to me, especially DoW2. Maybe 3 gets it right.

    Far more excited about Total War: Warhammer, and later the beta for the new Mount and Blade.


    • It’s funny, but I just can’t seem to get into the original Warhammer universe, even though it’s basically the same. There’s just something about the sci-fi element that brings it all together for me.


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