Expensive August

Things are shaping up to be an expensive August, games-wise.

Tomorrow August 12th we have No Man’s Sky releasing. I won’t be there on Day 1 for multiple reasons, the primary of which this is one of those games I need to see other people play first. The premise? Super cool. But what about the gameplay itself? I am not especially an Explorer type, so if the moment-to-moment fun isn’t there, I’m going to be disappointed. Or not, having not actually purchased the game yet.

August 23rd is the surprise (to me) release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Kinda snuck up on me there. As I mentioned last year, this one is a Day 1 purchase, Day 1 Embargo tags be damned. At the time of this writing, DLGamer is offering a preorder for $42, which approaches the point at which it almost doesn’t matter that it’s a preorder. I’m expecting Human Revolution 2.0 and anything more than that will be gravy.

Finally, August 30th is Legion, of course. As I have mentioned in the past, I am buying Legion at some point. Whether that point was going to be halfway through the expansion for half price as I did with Warlords of Draenor, or earlier, I had not decided. Note the past tense there. I have been very impressed with the Audio Dramas (or specifically the transcripts), the Harbinger series, the Illidan thing, and so on. While I understand that those things often bear no resemblance to in-game experiences, it is enough to get me excited just the same. This is the first time since Wrath, really, that I feel like there is a narrative worth exploring here.

Okay, so maybe there are only three games in August I’m looking at. Still, it has been months since I’ve felt the need to buy something Day 1, and now there are three options coming out.

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  1. I totally undesrtand your stand about No Man’s Sky. I need to see people play to decide if it’s my type of game or not. The little information I have so far leads me to believe it’s exploration for exploration’s sake which doesn’t fit in my description of fun game.


  2. I’ve been watching all the gameplay videos from PS4 players, and it looks pretty good. Apart from all the exploration and gathering, it seems there are a number of combat opportunities on planets as well – hostile life forms, aliens, alien robots! It also seems a bit more story driven than I thought it would be – your exo-suit sends you on missions of various kinds.


    • Yeah, I have since seen some gameplay videos, and most of my fears have been eased.

      Plus, you know, I have been playing Starbound daily for the past week or so. Kinda hypocritical of me on that front, but you kinda have to be careful at full MSRP.


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