WoW Tokens = Blizzard Cash

Blizzard finally did it. You can turn WoW Tokens into Balance:


The end and the beginning.

I actually resubbed to WoW (using a token) just for the ability to quickly capitalize on the process. I say “quickly” for two reasons. First, because I almost couldn’t believe that Blizzard went with a $15 per token rate. Considering that 30 days of game time is already $15, there isn’t actually any reason not to just convert them all straight away.

The second reason is because the gold price of these tokens would skyrocket. And they have:


Up and down.

In fact, there were no tokens available for purchase last night; I kept getting an error message each time I tried. Which makes sense, considering that all of the goblins of the world finally have an outlet for their millions of gold. Blizzard has enough fingers in genre pies these days to cover most of the bases – DotA, ARPG, MMO, FPS, CCG, etc – so there is probably something for everyone.

Luckily (or unluckily depending on when you bought some), the price has since dropped down. Not all the way back down, but nearly 30k gold. The fun part of that graph from is how it exposes Blizzard’s pricing algorithm. As demand skyrocketed, the price of a token never exceeded +3.04% per hour. Conversely, as more tokens entered the market, the price never decreased faster than -2.98% per hour. At least, that’s what the graph shows.

As for me, my $120+ balance is likely to be spent transferring characters from the dead server of Auchindoun-US over to the high-pop server my “main” is on. At current rates, I could move… four. Out of ten. Considering that it costs Blizzard nothing to do this automated process, they are essentially capitalizing on the removal of future financial obligations (e.g. game time) for free.

Hmm. Perhaps I shall wait until another one of those 50% off sales on character transfers…

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  1. I am in a similar position with 8-9 characters to move and only enough gold for a couple. I wonder if they will ever have another transfer sale. I have been patiently waiting since I missed the one and only sale years ago. I have heard they won’t do it again because so many people transferred to high population servers last time.


  2. I converted my token stash and most of my gold, now I have $A374 (would be US$330 if my account was in US $).

    Luckily I don’t need to do any character moves since I moved all mine to one Oceanic server when they launched “real” Oceanic servers (i.e. not US West servers with a different clock) and offered free transfers.

    I’m looking at buying Overwatch, Starcraft 2, adding six months to my WoW sub, and still having plenty left for the D3 Necromancer addon and the next Hearthstone adventure.


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